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Supplement for non-WoWers
This story, geekily enough, is based on and takes place in a video game world.  The game is World of Warcraft, an excellent (though imperfect) MMORPG created by Blizzard Entertainment.

Things you should know before diving in:

This is a murloc.

This is a tauren.  (usually they wear clothes.)

Tauren are big.  Murlocs are fairly small, ranging in size from really small to larger but still not big.

The story is full of game references, but you don't need to know them in order to enjoy it.  It also contains extended homages to the forum on which it was originally posted: several of the main characters, for example, are based on the Blizzard employees whose thankless job it is to manage those forums and keep we the players abreast of upcoming game changes.  The two I use most are Fangtooth and Caydiem, the former being a murloc himself and the latter being a woman who plays a male tauren very much like the one pictured above.  The rest of them have / will be getting their own cameos in the foregoing.

A couple of my friends are also in the story: Rhy and Tidus are both people I know from the game, and the drunken dwarf in part 4 is my boss.  (I have a great job.)  Also featured in the story is my cat Ajax.

Don't mess with him.

If you have any other questions, shoot them over to me and if they're extra-special I'll put them up here.


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