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What is this place upon which I’ve stumbled?

www.albatrosbits.com is a place for me to host my creative stuff and interact with people who like or make creative stuff (that's you).  For the time being, it's essentially dedicated to hosting my Warcraft-inspired serial novel, The Murloc is Lonely.  I envision it growing into a community of writers and readers, of creative plotters and prose-crafters coming together to foment and ferment ideas.

I've got forums (that's where the community happens), so if you've got plot ideas you want to bounce around, stuff you want critiqued, or any old thing to say, hit that up.

..."Albatros Bits"?!

Albatros is me.  It was sort of an accidentally-acquired pseudonym, but I like it and I'm sticking with it.  For your reference, this is an albatross (the double-S kind).  They were made famous by pooping on things, and by Samuel Taylor Coleridge's excellent and ethereal poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

The Bits bit refers to the annoyingly poetic notion that what I share here online are pieces of myself, little bits of my own creation.  Plus, www.albatros.com was already taken.  (Check it out, it's classy.)

My website does not refer to chunks of seabird flesh.

What about the Murloc story?

Have a look at its Table of Contents.  There's a story F.A.Q. in the appendices with all kinds of quiestions which may or may not be asked frequently.

What's this about Donating?

I spend a lot of time working on this site and writing my story, and the site itself costs money to run.  If you want to help out by donating, that would definitely make my day. If you don't, that's okay too.

Can I write you?

You answered your own question, sailor.  I check the forums regularly, as well.

Your website is awesome!

Thanks!  This question used to read “Your website is bland”, but then I re-did it, and now I think it looks awesome.  The beautiful sketch of an albatross which now graces it, incidentally, was drawn for me by my dear friend Meredith, whose black and tan banner you can find towards the bottom of this very page.  (Thanks again to Sheeley for the design tips, and for teaching me DIV tags and PHP and CSS and putting up with me asking a million questions about them.)

Are these questions actually frequently asked?

They sure should be.

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