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Writing is hard work, and web-hosting is expensive: it costs me about $130 a year to run AlbatrosBits.com, and I pay it out of my own pocket. So if you're enjoying the story and would like to see it continue all the way through its end at the end of Book Three, it would be great if you could make a donation to help defray expenses. A donation to Albatros Bits will make your author very happy, and will help make this website (which he very much enjoys running) not a money-loser for him. ;)

Why have you put up a donations button?? Are you ill, in need of money for a black-market kidney?
No no, I'm well, thanks. I spend a lot of time working on this site and its story, and while I do it for love of writing, it certainly wouldn't make me cry if it cost me less money this year.

People have shown their appreciation in many ways - e-mails, forum posting, fan art, word of mouth - this is simply another way for you to do so if you so wish.

What do you do with donations you receive?
Pizza. No, seriously, I'll be using the money to help defray the cost of running a website.

What will you do if you get more money than it costs to run the site?
Hasn't been an issue so far. =) I have big plans for this site, though, and profit-taking isn't part of it. If I get more than $130 in a year, I'll be folding the money back into the site to make it better.

What if I don't have a PayPal account?
No problem, they have a button to push if you want to use a credit card.

Do I win anything?
You mean if you donate? My undying gratitude. Seriously, I know lots of sites have special donation wallpapers and stuff, and I wish I could craft something to give you in thanks, but my art isn't really conducive to that. If you come up with any ideas, let me know!

Let's see that button one more time!
You got it.

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