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World of Warcraft
The game that started it all: World of Warcraft is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game set in the award-winning etc. You should be playing it if you're not.
Where I go when I need to brush up on my Warcraft lore - of which there is a staggering amount. Chris Metzen is the man, for truth.

This soap opera about people my age has had me hooked since I first read it.  Jeph Jacques updates the awesome and the melodrama every weekday.
Smart, cerebral writing and a new, grittier style from the team that brought you Machall. Matt and Ian have grown up and brought their humor into the real world. Although the comic isn't as rambunctiously hilarious as its anticedent, and Machall's gorgeous artwork is by and large gone, this comic still makes my top ten list without getting up in the morning. Matt and Ian's World of Warcraft characters (featured several times in Machall) are the inspiration for the dwarf and gnome pair featured in the chapter Alequaffer and Cherubim, with Matt deserving his place in the story as a wise, intelligent and thoughtful cleric. Cool guy.
Jon Rosenberg is a master of the Random.  He keeps his philosophies prominent and I happen to like them.  Usually funny, always at least amusing, and as it turns out he's been building us up through a deep story towards a known outcome since last April.
A clever daily strip about- a bunch of librarians, of all things.  Funny and surprisingly accessible to we non-librarians, although the fact that the main character's name is "Dewey" may go over some heads.
An epic fantasy that refuses to take itself seriously about 99% of the time.  It's a good read, and he updates just about daily.  (there's a talking cat!)
Warning: gleeful use of immature language.  This little dark horse of the webcomic industry deserves more visibility, and I hope that my link here will help it get off the ground.
Scott Kurtz runs a tight ship and has an excellent business model.  And... there's a comic... >.>

The website of the girl that drew my albatross.  She's a great artist, so if you need (let's say) charcoal sketches of a loved one for a birthday present, have a click and get in touch with her.  Tell her I sent you.
My friend Tony's blog.  He's a left-leaning libertarian, and he loves writing long-ass posts about politics.  Don't go here if you don't feel like getting enraged, either at or with him.
A guy draws pictures based on phrases people send him.  A whole lot of people send him phrases, so his pictures must be pretty good.

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