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Hi from crazy-land
Friday, June 16, 2006 - 5:10 PM


"Hey, Albatros."

"Hey boss. What's going on this week?"

"Well, I know we told you that this would be a pretty low-stress summer job when we hired you, but actually we need you to work nonstop for the next six days. Friday, particularly, is going to be the busiest, with the possible exception of Saturday."

"Wow. That sucks for my other deadlines."

"I know! Anyway, there's more - you know that story you write for that website you have?"

"Er... yeah..."

"Well, the part that you're writing this week is going to unexpectedly dive into philosophical issues which you haven't thought about properly since junior high. Also, you're not quite sure what the implications are for the themes of the story at large. So basically it's going to be really edifying writing, but also really time-consuming and tough."


"So good luck!"

"Thanks, boss."

* * *

I'm still working on this week's offering, and will be until probably very late tonight or tomorrow. Meanwhile, though, I thought I'd post the current rough-draft state of affairs, in case anyone is curious about what a half-way stage of my writing process looks like. (In a word: 'hectic'.) So if you'd like to see what the second half of Chapter X look like right now, a number of writing-hours away from completion, then follow the Discuss link below. There are major spoilers for the chapter, of course, since a lot of it is finished text and the rest of it is summary. If you want to wait for the final draft to go live, then don't click the discuss link!

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