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Joined: 29 Sep 2005
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 6:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The next day, before I had rubbed the bleariness from my eyes, the healer hauled me out of her tent. As we walked, her thin, bony fingers digging into my arm, she told me what was going on. “The Overlord would like to take some words with you.” My mind suddenly snapped into focus. My worries had likely been correct. He wanted answers, some of which I could give, though they would not make him happy, and others I couldn’t explain in any way at all.

Gthak’s tent was even more imposing than it had been the previous day. In the slanted morning light it was a stretched mouth threatening to swallow me whole. I entered, and my eyes took a moment to readjust to the darkness. Gthak sat pensively on the ground, though I thought that his eyes gleamed with malice.


He spoke so softly that I nearly thought that I had imagined it. When it registered what exactly he had said I was confused. “Why what?” Sensing some tension brewing in the tent the healer woman left quickly with a muttered farewell.

Gthak, who before had simply stared blankly at the small fire in front of him looked up at me for a moment. Then, as quick as arrow, he leapt to his feet, and putting his weight into his arm, smacked me across the face. It felt like being hit in the face with a steel rod. I was knocked from my feet into some rotten meat laying discarded on the floor. Bright lights flashed across my vision as my brain tried vainly to register what had happened. In a slow throbbing manner, it realized that I was in pain. Lots of pain. Excruciating pain. I could feel distinctly the stinging where the each of his fingers had connected with my face. I tried, unsuccessfully to rise to my feet. Trying again, I unsteadily stood.

“When I ask you a question you answer.” He growled dangerously. “Why did you maim my warriors? The Moss Stone clan has not fight with us in years. What could made you do it?”

I did my best to look confident, but not presumptuous. “I would not have, as you say “maimed,” your warriors if I were not helping your tribe.” He looked for a moment to be considering backhanding me again, and I flinched. My fear seemed to satisfy him well enough and he reconsidered. I spoke again. “The warriors would be dead in days without my help, even if cannot fight again, they can still help the tribe. And death would not be the worst part. Those with the purple wounds will come back to life but remain dead when they pass.” Explaining undeath in the Gnoll tongue was difficult at best, but I pressed on. “They come back as walking dead when they die. If I don’t heal them, you have big problem on you.”

Gthak looked at me searchingly for a heartbeat that felt hours long. But he decided that I was telling the truth, or at least that I believed what I was saying. “Where did you find healing power?” He asked, this time I sensed a gleam of greed in his eye.

I answered as I had prepared the day before. “Troll witch teach me. He had serious injury, and could not heal it without help. So he asked tribe for a female, said females heal better.”

Gthak looked skeptical, and rightly so. Trolls never consorted with anyone without some extreme benefit for themselves. Especially when it would give away all the secrets that they held over us, most witch doctors would rather die than divulge what they knew. But he left it be in favor of a question that I had not thought of.

“Why did your tribe let you go if you can heal?”

I had to think on my feet, and I said the first thing that came to mind. The troll threatened to curse me if I healed my tribe, or teach anyone. He told tribe that work I did was with herbs, not magic. They don’t know I could heal the way I can.”

He didn’t speak for a while. Then he leapt as if to hit me again, I flinched violently, but no blow landed. Instead he grabbed my face, and pressed his own into it, forcing me into the Gnoll version of a kiss, forcing his thick, snakelike tongue past my clenched jaws into my mouth. I pushed him away with all my strength, which of course didn’t nearly match his own, yet it was enough to cause momentary separation, in which I breathlessly and urgently said, in as convincing tone as I could muster, “You can’t. Ragth will kill you.”

He laughed, “Let him come, I have no fear.” He began to reach for me again, and then reconsidered. “Very well, it will make you happy if I wait till after I kill.” Then he erupted into a harsh, barking laugh. “Go get back to maiming my warriors. I will take care of your Ragth when he returns.”
Sapphires vie for your attention. She dances. They mean well in their way. The priest says please, "I can't stand my knees and I cant bear her raven tresses caught up in a breeze like this."
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Joined: 29 Sep 2005
Posts: 212

PostPosted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 5:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

That evening, I was utterly exhausted from healing. We had lost our first patient, and, against all Gnoll tradition, I had convinced the healers to burn the corpse. But I was worried about Ragth. I kept telling myself that Ragth was practically unbeatable in a fight, but Gthak worried me. By my estimation, he was as strong as Baine Bloodhoof, and nearly as fast as Ragth. In a fair fight he might not stand a chance, but if he ambushed Ragth, or if Ragth was fatigued from scouting, it might be a different story. My companion was strong, fast and durable, but he did tire, as I had seen acutely when he healed his massive wounds sustained from the fight with the ghoul and cryptfiend. Gthak did not seem like the kind to rely on his abilities in a fair fight. He may have been the largest Gnoll in his tribe, but he became overlord as much by his wits as by his strength.

I was too worried to fall asleep easilyl, which was unfortunate considering the work that had yet to be done. I needed my sleep, and fretting would get me nowhere, but of course, knowing that and actually stopping are nearly impossible to reconcile. My mind began to wander, I wondered what was happening to Rul back in thunder bluff, as well as the rest of the world in general. We were supposed to be amassing an army to destroy the undead. What were we really accomplishing here? Certainly there was nobility in saving gnolls from dying and becoming perversions of life, but in the grand scope of things, in a war that threatened every living thing in all of Azeroth, what was I doing? What was – And then I was asleep and my worries seemed so much less worrisome the next morning.

But my work was not done. There were still nearly a dozen warriors laid out, though they had lighter wounds than the gnolls that I had healed previously. The healing women were used to the routine, and they didn’t even bother handing me a knife this time, they simply began cutting away the plagued flesh in preparation for my magical healing. It was kind of flattering to be deferred to in such a way, but it was also unfortunate, because without spending time cutting at the wounds, I had no respite from channeling song into the wounds.

My first patient was a large warrior gnoll, he had only been scratched by a ghoul, but it was enough. After trimming away the fur from the area I surveyed the damage. There was a hairline scab on his thigh, nothing anyone would fret over, but it had gone untreated for long enough to fester. His hide was a blotchy purple in a foot diameter around the cut and, after cutting into the flesh it seemed to go about an inch deep. My helpers cut away all of the skin at my direction – this one was slight enough a wound to hope to leave him in fighting shape – leaving the exposed, plagued flesh beneath.

I reached out to the forces of nature around me. I begged them to help me; after the two straight days of healing, I needed all the aid that could be given me. And the spirits responded. I felt a flood of song rush into my soul. It was more than I had ever felt before, a brilliant feeling of joy mixed with sorrow. It was enough energy to push against the boundaries of how much I was able to hold. It hurt. My entire body felt as though it was on fire, my nerves screamed. I began to pour energy into the wound, which to return to its natural color far faster than my previous healings. Before my eyes I saw the flesh turn a healthy red, skin flow over the area that had been removed, and the hair grow back in quick succession. But the energy that flew from my green glowing fingers did not stop. I felt nature’s kindness spread to a thousand minute maladies that plagued this gnoll.

As quickly as I could, I severed the connection between us. The energy that had flowed from me suddenly reversed and rushed back into me. It was slightly less trying than before, but I was still overwhelmed, and the sensation being so sudden I gasped. I managed to bark out an order to the gnolls around me, instructing them to hurry and prepare the next patient for healing.

Though I felt compelled to haste by the need to use the excess energy that was still boiling within me, I was also preoccupied with a strange feeling. As my healing had spread over the previous patient’s body, I had sensed every little flaw, every failing of his body. I knew the faults, or at least what had been his faults before I fixed them all, of his body better than I knew my own, better than he had known his own. It was a strange sort of intimacy, knowing someone’s flaws, even if they were only physical ones. But I pushed it out of my head. I had work to do.
Sapphires vie for your attention. She dances. They mean well in their way. The priest says please, "I can't stand my knees and I cant bear her raven tresses caught up in a breeze like this."
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Joined: 29 Sep 2005
Posts: 212

PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I continued to work aided by an abundance of song, and was able, unlike previous days, to work without much effort or thought. My helpers prepared the wounds and I simply poured health into the patients. While I worked, it struck me that I had not felt any real sense of relief at being among my own people. They looked like me and did not judge me on my appearance, yet I missed Thunder Bluff’s quiet civility. My people were brash, bold, and boisterous. I missed a more contemplative living.

I wanted to talk to Rul again.

My healing went well that day. I felt energetic after I had finished, and we were truly done. The gnolls of the tribe were either whole and healthy, or at least unlikely to attack their own. With my excess energy I attempted something that I had witnessed once before. I asked nature to serve as my eyes. I pushed my remaining song into the form of an owl, of which I was in immediate control. It was disorienting at first. My plane of vision was quite different from my own, and my ability to turn my creation’s head almost completely around caught me off guard. I guided the owl out of the tent and into the dense forest hoping to get a glimpse of where Ragth was at the moment.

The forest was dark, because the trees so thoroughly obscured the sun. As a result, the ground was absent of most vegetation. Dry pine needles covered the ground, and I could see little in terms of wildlife. My spirit owl winged its way through the woods, hoping to catch a glimpse of Ragth and the scout who accompanied me.

I felt someone shaking my arm, and in my startlement I severed the conection with the owl. My own eyes flew open, and saw one of the healers standing next to me, wide eyed with fear, tugging at my arm. I was confused, what had I missed?

“You… are you allright?” the Gnoll asked.

I was confused. “What do you mean?”

“You… a green thing jumped from you and flew away, and your eyes rolled into your head and you froze up. You almost stopped breathing.”

I almost hit myself. What had I been thinking? I was just a troll trained healer to these people. No troll could do what I had just done. There was going to be no talking my way out of this one. Gthak would learn of this and he would know that my story was false. I may have just damned myself and Ragth to failure in our mission.

"I… “ I stuttered trying to think on my feet. “I did too much healing. The spirits punished me.” I knew that wouldn’t stand up to much scrutiny, but it might just cover me until Ragth returned. I could only hope. The healers around me looked worried and suspicious, , their brows almost universally knit into worried frowns. “I will be fine, in time.” I said.

A shout rang from somewhere outside the tent, not leaving the healers much time to contemplate this newest development, and we spilled outside. There was a commotion on the edge of the camp. When we approached, I was relieved and terrified. Ragth had returned, in his arms was the limp body of the other scout. Both he and the scout were covered in purple gashes. Ragth was bellowing for healing. The healers and I went into immediate action, we rushed the two gnoll’s into healers tent. I sent up a silent prayer of thanks that Ragth had not healed himself, which would have destroyed any chance of us keeping our cover. The healers busily cut at the plagued flesh and I called once again on nature to aid me. These wounds were serious, and I certainly needed all the help I could get.

I began to work first on the unconscious scout, who looked as though he was only moments from dying. The healers had removed as much flesh as they dared, much more and he was likely to die from blood loss before I got a chance to help him. Again, I poured song into the wounds. He was more injured than anyone I had ever healed before, and the effort left me drained. When I was finished with him, the plague had left his body, but deep injuries that would take months to heal remained. I was nearly collapsing from exhaustion, but I still needed to heal Ragth.

Ragth took up two whole beds by himself, and was covered in ugly purple gashes. I stumbled over to him, and prepared to begin healing him. I heard one of the healers by my side ask, “Will you make it?” I didn’t respond.

I began to channel nature’s healing into Ragth, but it was a feeble attempt. My energy reserves had been emptied by the previous gnoll. And though Ragth would surely survive the plague for the night, healing himself slightly if he needed, I was worried that Gthak would take the opportunity to kill Ragth.

Ragth looked at me, sensing my fatigue and worry, and reached out to put a reassuring hand on my arm. I was glad for the comfort, but it wasn’t likely to keep Ragth alive. But the moment his hand touched my arm, I felt a surge of energy flow into me. I almost laughed aloud, he couldn’t heal himself, but he could give me the power to heal him.

I channeled the energy that he was giving me, and in moments, the plague had left his body, and he was once again the scarless gnoll that I knew. In fact, I had enough energy left over to return to the scout, and seal up his wounds as well. Now I was truly spent. I slumped, and as consciousness fled, I felt healers hands pick me up and place me on one of the infirm beds.
Sapphires vie for your attention. She dances. They mean well in their way. The priest says please, "I can't stand my knees and I cant bear her raven tresses caught up in a breeze like this."
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, at least someone is updating.
Evil is the new love.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2008 8:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


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