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To Prove I Can do Something Different

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 2:09 am    Post subject: To Prove I Can do Something Different Reply with quote

((A thread regarding shady deeds in the Deeprun Tram popped up in the RP forums today. Even though it was OOC, I found myself inspired to write a story.))

"Everything's negotiable here."

He laughs, bloodthistle smoke hiding his lamprey smile. How things are in the tram really, never can get a solid answer out of anyone. That's how people like it. Dwarves and humans sit on benches repressed eyes fixed straight ahead, no one wants to see the grifters and pushers in the shadows, at least not while decent folk are watching.

Scan the room looking for a gnome, pink-haired rat named Zink. Not much to look at but don't cross his path unless you know some real strong magic. Last time a guy pulled a scam on Zink, they found the con's body in five pieces floating in the canal. No real loss, just an object lesson for the greenhorns.

I go to the edge of the platform, red-eyed guard dozing on the corner. Humans don't want to get involved in what goes on down there. Decent folk, don't you know. Let the animals eat each other, out of sight out of mind. Drives the dwarves mad, but they can't do anything about it. Plenty of them need what's sold down here just the same.

"Heh, hit it on me jim jim."

Drooling burnouts giggle in the dark, victims of needle-fingered thieves who'll join them soon enough. The fate of the fast writ large. I don't touch them, no point in it. Keep my specs peeled for pink hair and wrinkled skin. Gnomes always get places, tram's perfect for them. Goblins too.

Finally see Zink in the tunnel, a black box in stained hands.

"About time you showed up."

"Cut me some slack will ya? The bulls gave me the one-over, tried to scrape the score. Human bulls aren't trouble, they do it for cash. Dwarf coppers though, they love the power, see? Use it every chance they get."

"Everything's negotiable here."

"Like I said, humans do it for cash. Law in the tram's not so hot as Ironforge, but you can't be stupid. You gonna deal already?"

Zink's had his fun. Gnomes love a complaint. I toss him the pouch of flash powder and he hands me the box of infernal stones. Real smooth. Not much else to say so I go back up to the lit platforms, normal as can be.

Guard stops me, asks what I have in the box. I say, real easy-like, that I'm in a hurry but that I understand, one professional to another, that times are hard.

"You dig what I'm laying down?"

I press the silver piece into his palm and he steps back, rotten lips pulled back in a rictus grin.

Everything's negotiable here.

((Here's a link to the thread in question: ))
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 10:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

To me you don't have anything to prove, but you need that attitude to improve; that's for sure Wink.

And it is good, it is fun. It's got some spunk and there's a little noir in it (it really did give off vibes akin to TMiL). I must say I liked that thread and the 'dirty things' referred to are something I have witnessed before as well... It sure is funny Very Happy, if not a little creepy.
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may rinse the sky may sink
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may drop your heart may heal

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