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Teh L33t M0rL0k

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Joined: 04 Jul 2007
Posts: 153
Location: Star Dragon Tower

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 9:20 pm    Post subject: Teh L33t M0rL0k Reply with quote

The Leet speak translation of The Murloc is Lonely.
Lame speak->Leet speak.
Bow to the brilliance.

th3 phr0zeN +0mB
P@R+ 0n3 - +HE L4w

cH4Pt3r 1
tH3 mI5S1n9 MurLoc

hor53, $4ID J0nA+h@N TrEN+ 45 1 5+3pP3D 1ntO Hi$ 0fF1c3. H0R$3 15 mY n4M3, 4lTh0Ugh 1 4M N0T, 1N Ph4Ct, 4 hOrSe. mo5+ OpH tH3 tim3.

1 noDd3D 4nd 54+ Down, P3Rch1n9 4WkW@RDLy on t3h hUm4N-$iz3d cH4IR.

FAn9 +3H T0OTh h@$ d154PPE@reD, $4iD treNT. h15 oFPHIC3 h45 BE3n eMP+y for EIGHt D@y5.

i KN3W Th@T. 3v3rYone kNEW thaT.

+hE r35urr3C+iOn n33D$ tO kNoW Why, 4ND, HowevEr J00 d0 1t, Y0urE tH3 8E5t 5n34K3R-4BoU+ +HAt i H4V3.

i SM1Led ph@IntLY.

gO To +3h MuRloC5 ophf1Ce. FIND OuT WH4t J00 C@N, 4ND r3p0rT b4cK +0 ME. IPH j00 ar3 C@U9h+, +h3 r35Urr3C+IoN W1lL D3NY KnowlEdge 0f Y0uR @c+I0NS.

1 Sm1L3D @ l1T+l3 le$5 PH@1nTly. +hO$3 J085 WerE 4LW@Y5 tH3 m0$t Phun.

JOn4+H@N trEN+ 1nH4l3d. y0u w1ll reCE1V3 319H+y s1LvER, h3 f1n15Hed.

I N0dded, ST00D, 4nd L3PhT.

* * *

D35p1+3 hi$ 5+4+u5, FAnG5 ofF1c3 w45 5M@LL, 5itu@T3D 0N +3h third fL0Or OPh @ nOndESCrIP+ n3w+0N 0pHfIc3 BU1LdIN9 @long WITH M@Ny O+h3R 5M4ll, N0nde5CRip+ oPhf1c35. I wouldNT 83 @bl3 tO $NeaK in uN+1l n19H+-fall, 50 in5Te4D 0f h34dIng 50U+h, OU+ 0F olD +Own @ND 1n+O n3w+oN, 1 HE@dEd noRTH, 4cRO$5 teH c@N4l5 4Nd +o tHe $c4RLET c4+HEDR@L.

1+ W@5 4 8e4U+1fUL 8u1LDiN9 0n THe 0uT$ID3, w1+h Wh1+3 5PIrE5 Sh1n1ng bRi9HtLY iN tHE L@Te-M0rNiN9 5un. +eH Bl00D-R3D 8@nn3RS oF +H3 CUlT 0ph +h3 5C4rlET r35URR3Ct1oN fLut+ered UP 1t5 LENgTh, aND 4 B34u+1ful PH0Un+4iN pHlOw3d 1N +EH SkW4r3 1N fRONT. +3H 5KwaR3 w45 One 0F +h3 F3W w3ll-k3pT AR3A$ oph 0ld TOwn. The R35T The $T@gN4n+ cAn@ls 4nd t3H n@rR0w, t1ghTLy-w1nD1ng m3d13V4L 5tRE3+$ H4D 4lL LOn9 4G0 F4llEN 1nt0 5ULL3N D15R3P@1r.

8r04D-$h0ULdERED, dOUR-PH4ced, weLL-4RM3D 5caRlET 9u4RdS p@CeD thE 5kW4RE. @ P4iR flank3d T3H W1d3 m4rble 5t41R$ +H@+ LeD UP PHR0m +he pHoUNT4in tO +HE CA+H3dR4l$ W1d3, w0oDen d00R$. M@k1n9 4$ Lit+L3 3y3 C0Nt@c+ wItH 4Nyone @$ PO551Ble, 1 m4rCh3d Up th3 $t41R$, 8Etwe3n th3 Gu4rds, 4ND THRoU9h +3h doOrW@Y.

iN tEH N4RtH3X $t00D 4 M455Iv3 leD93r, b3S1d3 4 ReD-r0Bed MaN w1th aN 0Rn4+3 hOURGL@55 4ROunD H15 n3cK.

0ut 0f wh@+ W1Ll tRU3 P0W3R BE B0Rn? $@ID +h3 0fPHiCial 5T1pHPhLy.

FROm ThE h4rn3551Ng opH CH40S, i @n5wEred DU+1FullY. 1t w@5 +h3 PH1r5+ kwE$+1on Of +eH cHA0s L1n3, 4ND MY kNoWL3DGE opH i+ 5IGniPh13d my mem8er5HiP 1n +H3 re$UrR3C+I0n. id b3en 4N iN1t14+E ph0R 4 Y34R NOw, haVin9 83eN h1R3D On @5 P4iD L48Or @ PHEW d4Y5 4pHTEr MY 4Rr1v4L 1N +eh ci+y thrEE y3@R5 e4RL1ER. tH3 cULT5 PRe+3N5IoN5 +h3 5TRIC+ hIeR4RCHI3$, @nd +He ch4o5 lIN3 W1+h i+s ten 4pOc@lYPt1c kW3st10n5 weRE 5OM3t1M35 @LMo$t +00 MUCh +O 834R, But B3in9 4 MEm8eR m3@N+ PR0T3C+IoN, 4ND 8etT3R P4Y f0R +h3 L1t+Le J0B5 +H3y $3n+ m3 0N, S0 1 pL4yED g4MElY 4Long.

H4v3 j00 UNdeRStOOD +3H N4TuR3 0F TH3 R3SurR3c+ION? 54iD tEh M4n.

tHi5 Kw3$+I0N i5 bEyOND me, 1 R3pLied dUt1FULlY. 4ft3R 4lL, 1 w@5 ONlY @n INI+1@+e.

TH3 rEd-R083d m4N, middL3-49ED 4nd CL34n-5H4V3n, n0ddEd, 50 1 5+3pPeD pH0rw@rD 4ND SCR@tChEd mY NAmE 1n The 0p3n l3dg3R. +eh m@N $e1zED +h3 p3N Fr0m mE, @ND, gl4nCiNG DowN @+ H15 hOur9l455, $Cr183d +HE t1me NeXT +0 MY m@rk.

1n5ID3 TH3 n@vE, nE@Rly 3v3RytHIN9 w@5 8L@CK: t3H PEw$, th3 T4P35+riE5 WhICh HUN9 0N teh W@llS @nd coveRed tEh OR1G1N4l wh1+3 5T0n3w0rk, +h3 $+oNew0Rk P4++3RNS 1nl@1D inT0 +HE FlO0R. Th3 p@nE$ OPh th3 H1Gh $T4INEd-GL@$$ w1NDOws H4D bE3n 4LMO$t en+IrElY REpl@c3D Wi+H 8l4CK, and wh4+ TR4nsLUCENT 9L4$5 r3m4ineD WA5 R3d.

THe R35UrrEC+1On$ in1TI4t35 wERe 3Xp3Ct3d T0 5pEnd 5IX HOuRs 4 wE3k 5i+T1n9 1n TH3 C4TH3dR4l$ B4ck-m05+ PEw5, 5+4r1n9 up 4T TEH d0uR $t@iNed 9l4$5 FigUR3$, 0r 4T WHA+3Ver rELI9IOU$ 901N95-0n w3re +@KiNg Pl@C3 a+ TH3 ph4R-0PHf @LtAr, And cOn+empL@+1ng +HE iNFin1+3 4by5$ @nD 0uR @Bs0Lu+3lY, Inc0mPR3hEN5i8Ly MinIsCUle Pl4C3 1n i+. Occ@51oN4lly, @ hiGher-LeVEl a88o+ WouLD m@rch up T0 J00 4nd In+0N3 5oME mY5TiC@L 4nD w15e-sOUNd1NG Ver53 0R o+hER, Or H3D A5k j00 WH@t J00 W3R3 cON+EMplat1nG 4ND tHEN +elL j00 WHy it W45 WR0n9.

USU4llY, i jU5T 54+ 4nD Cont3mplatEd fO0D, OR mY C4+, 0r mY FrIend$. $0Me+im35, TH0U9h r4RelY, 1 C0n+3mPLaT3d my lIfe. aLM0$+ N3vER DiD 1 ConT3MPl@+3 TH3 CH@os LINE, 4nD +EH 51n9le 0n3 Of 1+5 ten kWe$+1On$ WHiCH I w4S peRm1++3D +O Kn0w.

t0D@y, +heRE wErE 4 d0ZeN 0+H3R INIt14+e$ 534t3D In OUr B@CK-m05+ p3W$. 1 5KW33ZED 1n bE5iDE +h3m.

After a PhEW MoM3N+5, mY CL0535t neiGhBOR, 4 Y0uNg HumaN n4MED P3N3l0pE wh0 1 kn3w 1N p4551Ng, l34n3d 0VEr +o m3. HAV3 j00 HE@rd? $H3 wh1SPER3D +o mE.

1 r4I53D a 8u5HY ey38r0W @+ h3r. 48oU+ +H3 T00Th? 1 wHi5p3r3D 84Ck. 3veryon3 knEW 480ut tH@T.

n0, she S@1D, @Nd w@5 480Ut t0 3Xpl4In, 8uT A 5udD3n 9u1lTy L0OK Ov3RC@Me h3R Ph4C3 4nd 5H3 FoLD3D H3R H4Nd5 SIL3n+Ly. 1 +urn3d, @ND 4 5terN-L00kinG 4B8O+ W4$ maRCh1NG t0W4rds u$.

+H3 RoUTe +0 PoWer i5 p@v3D wI+H me3Kn355 1N T3h PH4C3 OPH pow3r, rUm8lED +3h A88o+ undeR His brE4tH, @ND th3 m4Rk 0f thE m33k 15 51L3NC3. 5+4TE Y0UR NAM3, he wH15PerEd 4t M3.

my name 15 1nIT1@T3 h0R$3, 1 R3PL1ED DU+1FULLy.

cOn+3MpL4+3 +H3 cH405 L1NE W3lL, h3 wH15P3red, @nd pH0ll0w i+ +RUlY. tOD4Y 1+ H@5 833N mad3 kn0Wn th4+ The C4RDIn4lS h4VE ANsw3r3d TeH 53vEN+H KWE5t1oN.

I glAncED Up @T HiM, 3yE8R0W5 r4i$3D. the sIxTH kWE$T1ON, 5o iD L3@rn3d, h@d bE3n @N5W3red 4 hundR3D @nd PH1Ph+y y34r5 490. Id Thou9HT +h4+ iT W45 ALL M4D3-up, tHaT +He kW35+i0n$ Wer3 PH0R $HOW 4ND WoULD n3VER bE 4n5w3R3D.

0Ur +1m3 opH A5CEn5ion NE4r5, whI5p3rED Teh 4Bb0t. He tUrNEd 0N H1$ H33l ANd m4rCheD 84ck d0WN +3H 4isL3.

jUST thr3e mOR3 kW35+I0n5 Unt1L +Eh EnD 0f Th3 wOrld, 1 Wh1$pErED tO P3NELoP3, 5MiRKINg. pEneL0P3, Who pH3rVEN+lY B3L1Ev3D wh4t 5H3 w45 TOlD +0 b3lIEVe, FURrOW3d H3R 8ROW 4+ Me. @NOth3r iN1+i4+3, 4 y0un9 dW4rph WHO$e N4Me 1 dIdnT kNOW, HI5$eD 4+ U5 +O BE KWI3T.

* * *

+h3 5uN 54Nk B3hINd +eH ROw$ OPH UGly, m0D3Rn-8RIcK neW+ON 8u1lDin9$, 4Nd +He eV3NInG ph0oT-+RaPhPh1c 5L0W3d +0 4 TriCKl3. i W@$ 0fPH 5c4RlE+ +URpH, sO 1 Kep+ my 3YeS OP3N pHOr pO+3ntiAl 3n3mIe5 4Ny $h1fTy-3Y3d 0r 8elL1g3R3n+ CluMP$ 0pH PE0Ple, 0R aNyTH1ng cL4d 4lL 1N Y3LlOW 45 i 5TroLl3D c45U4llY Up +0 +H3 FroN+ doOR 0F f4NG +h3 +00TH5 0phPH1CE Bu1lD1n9 4nd +E5+Ed the knO8. i+ w45 lOCKed.

I W4LKeD He4Vily 1N+0 Teh d4rK 4lLey behind 1T, +ry1ng N0T to loOk Lik3 I W@5 $N34Kin9 bUt W1$H1ng th4T my hO0Ve5 D1DN+ EcHo kWItE 5o MUCh ON +3H C088le$TOn35. teH b4CK sERViC3-D0Or W@$ LoCk3D @s W3LL.

8eH1Nd 4 P1LE oPh R4nC1D 94rB49e CanS, i Kn3l+. 1 9l@NCed @ROUnD, HoLdIN9 mY 8RE@Th, l00k1n9 FOr cuR1ou5 3Ye5 IN t3h w1nDOw5 4ND L1s+enIN9 foR PHOO+5+eP5, 8U+ no ONe w4$ w4+CHInG @nd no 0n3 APPrO4cH3D. I PUt My 8i9, +HRE3-F1nGeR3d H4Nd5 0N +EH 9r0und 4ND Clo53D My eye5.

r@p1DLY, inCH 8Y 1nCh, pHR0M mY ho0v35 tO tH3 TiP 0F My E@R5, my minD pl@Y3D ov3R +eH WhOle oF mY B0dy, PUll1n9 4nd pRodDing, skWe3Zin9 4Nd $HRINKING, workiN9 $u8TlE m49Ic5 WHO5e N4+URE i d1d no+ WH0lLy UND3R5+4ND, UnT1L 1 5t00D, four 50ft p@W$ On +HE c0Ld 9rOuND, a l4r9e, 5CrupHfy, $N34ky 54V@NN4h c@T.

W1th 4 +Witch of mY L0n9 COun+ERwe1GhT oF 4 +a1L, I C01l3d My c@+ B0DY. 1 l3aPt LIthELy UP, phROM +HE gRoUNd T0 +3H f1R5t FL0Or5 n4rR0W w1nd0w LeD935, thEn kwICkly Up T0 +h3 S3c0Nd phlo0R$ WIdER one$. 1 9l@ncED kWicKLY DOwN @+ the 4LL3Y 4nd +hE $TrEe+ l@MP5 bEYONd, juSt +O 8e 5@Ph3. 1 d1DN+ MUCH l1ke h3iGH+5.

I +uRNEd my H3AD T0w@rD5 TEh WiND0w. i COulD 8@RelY m4K3 0uT MY d1M r3pHl3C+Ion: 4 p4IR 0F H0Rn5, lepH+oVeR$ FR0M mY Na+uR4l $h4pe, JUT+eD $1dew4Y5 4nd +h3N PhOrW@rD Fr0m +3h 5id35 oph My C4+ hE4D, 1n3$c4p4Bl3 +35+4MEN+ T0 MY Ca+ Ph0RM5 Imp3RphEcTIon. I HI553D @T 1+.

+heN, 3Y3$ 5kWeEZ3D 5hU+ 4Nd BRE4TH Held +1gH+, i r3v3r$eD mY +R4n$f0RM@+I0n, 4ND, f0RC1N9 my53Lf +O l0ok aNywh3re 8u+ doWN, I Cr05$3d my PH1N93R5 ANd PU$Hed Up On Th3 W1Nd0w.

1+ $l1d oP3N. I 9r1nNed.

1 crEPt in @ND THen OU+ of WH03V3R5 DULL OfF1C3 i h4D 3n+eR3D. PH4N95 ofpHICE W4s ON +3H tH1rd fl00R, @nd 1 MOv3D DowN tHe H4lL +ow4Rd5 +He 8UILD1N95 dimLy-LiT 5ta1rw3ll.

1t w45 @ l0NG H4LLWay wi+H Phl1ck3rIN9 li9ht5 4ND OFPhICE$ 0N e1+H3r s1d3, Where Prob48Ly N0+H1N9 M0re exCITINg Than @N AphPh@iR w1+h 4 5EcR3+@Ry H@d t4keN PL4cE PH0r y3AR5. 0n3 dooR $+00d OuT: 4 DU5+Y $I9n HuNg 0v3r i+ 1n +He hAlLwAy, N0 3xTr@V4G@N+ C0LoR 0N i+ 0r P1C+UR3$: Ju5+ t3H w0rD5 f@Ng, pU8L1c +00+H 5craWl3d on 1t 1N 5Ome+H1nG th@+ l0Oked LIKe DRieD blo0d 8uT 5ureLY W@5nT. Th3 dOOR 1T53lph W@5 Th3 H4lpH-w0Od H@Lf-WInd0w k1nD, @nD 1n$Ide WA5 d@Rk.

1 r3@Ch3D PH0R tHe kN0b, b3l@+3DLY w0ND3R1Ng hoW I w@$ go1ng T0 gE+ 1N, bU+ iT wa$ UNL0ck3D. Th@T$ w31rd, 1 +h0ugH+.

1 eA$3d thE d00r 0P3n @nD hunCH3d THRoUgh +He 4NnOY1N9LY HUM4n-51ZeD d0ORw4Y. 0f CouR5e it W4$ HUm4n-51ZeD: EV3Ry+H1n9 On +H15 C0ntin3n+ Wa5.

I 34$ed +H3 do0R $Hut 83h1nd M3, +HEn p4WEd 480Ut at kne3-L3V3l fOR 4 5Wi+CH. i pHOUNd 1+.

9O+ 4 lighT?

1 jump3D, 4nD My HE4r+ h4Mm3r3D AGa1n5t t3H In5Ide oF mY cH35t. +hou9HT5 phL45heD +hR0Ugh mY M1Nd 1 5h0uld h4Ve 8E3N mOr3 c4R3FuL, @nd, 0Ph COUR53 1m n0+ th3 onLY One TH4T5 9o1NG T0 83 cH3ck1n9 0ut tH3 TOOtH5 484nd0ned OpHfiC3 bU+ theN i +UrnED, AnD, 51+Ting b3hINd hI$ De5k, L0UN91N9 IN hi5 oPhpHiCe Ch41R 45 Th0uGH HE L1V3D 1N @ DiPhfer3n+ w0RLD frOM rUmOR5 @Nd RUm0r$, 54+ pH4N9 +hE MURL0C, 4 C19@R cL@mped iN H1s T0O+hY MoU+h. HE w@5 5m4LL3r TH@n 1 EXp3cT3D.

5h0ck 5+iLL3D my th0UGHT5 ph0r 4 m0MeNt, bu+ 4F+3r @ c0uPLE OpH 8R3@th$ i r3cov3r3d 3N0Ugh T0 $ay, Ye4H, @Nd re4CH iNT0 mY P0Ck3+. foR @ +3RR1fIED m0MeN+ 1 +h0UgHt 1 Mi9HT n0t H4V3 0N3, BuT THen MY 81G H@ND5 cLO5ED 0V3R 4 M4+ChBo0K ID 5T0Len pHRom 4 D1N3r 4 pHEW n19Ht5 34RL13R. 1pH +h3 +0O+h 0f 5+oRM c1+y a$K3D j00 f0R 4 l19h+, j00 d1DnT W4N+ +o C0me up 5h0RT. I h4nD3d I+ To hiM, AnD He li+ h15 C1g4r. +H@nK5sS, h3 Hi553D.

Th3 Ro0m$ WH1+E W4Ll5 W3Re 84rE, EXc3P+ phoR a r0uNd, p@inTED P0rTr4It OPh tHe mURLoC h1M5eLf H4NGing ov3r +HE StOn3 PhiR3pl4ce. It w4$ fR@m3D IN 4N 0rn4T3 90lD Fr4M3, which 0n Cl053R 1n5pECTI0N @Pp34Red +O 83 a C4RV3D DR4G0n b1Ting 1T5 0Wnz0r +41L. TeH 0PP051tE W@lL h4d 4 HaLPh-3MP+1Ed b0ok5hElF, mO5t 0Ph WHo$e +0ME5 H@d +i+le5 1N l@NGU@9E5 I cOuLDn+ R3AD. +h3Re w45 +HE de5K, BOrIN9 w00d aNd C0mPLEtEly B4RE, @nd an uncOmpH0RT48Le-L0OKIN9 Ch@Ir 1n pHR0NT 0pH 1+ 4nD 4 H19H-B4ck3D l3@+H3R cH41R 83hInD i+, 4nD pH4NG T3h 9ODh34d 0F TH3 L@W, BL0WIN9 $Mok3 r1N95 0UT HI5 8Lu3 gIll5 4ND 5T@rinG uP 4+ M3. ID 5E3N hIm BEPhOr3, BU+ 0NlY pHROM 4pH@R, 4nd 1D N3veR $EEN A MURl0c up Cl053 1N My l1PHe. +H3 ROW oF dE3P-8lUe D0R5al PhiN5 tH4+ R4n up h15 B4Ck 4nD OV3R T3H T0p 0ph H1$ He4d FlIpPed Of tHe1r Pwn @Cc0RD.

WI+h0U+ w4Rn1Ng, @ $N@kE, GRe3N Wi+H blu3 5+rip35 4Nd w1TH @ p@Ir 0Ph t1NY, u9Ly, U5eLE5s W1n9s s+1CK1n9 0UT h4lFw4Y @lon9 1ts bodY, 5LiTH3r3D on+o HI5 L4P. he 5tR0KeD iT @B53n+-mINd3dly.

UH, My N4Me5 h0R53, 1 541d, TryiNg N0+ t0 5T4Re 4+ +3H 5N4k3, my Mind bL4NKIN9 0n anY+hIN9 83+teR tO D0 tH4n iN+r0duce mY$eLPH.

1 KnoW Wh0 J00 arE, HE r3PLiED, Li++L3 j3+5 OF 5M0KE COMiNg ou+ Of Hi5 +H1N N0$+R1l5. 1+5 @ phUNny N@m3 Ph0r 4 c0w.

neVeR h34RD Th@+ 0n3 8EpHOR3. 1M 4 8uLl, +h@Nk5, 1 5@1d.

+He mUrLoC PUphFED 4+ hi$ CiG4R @ND L00k3d int3NtLy up 4+ m3.

Y0U d1$aPp34rED, 1 S@ID +h1CklY.

uH-huH, S4id th3 MUrlOc.

4nd, 1 con+1nU3d, 1m suPpO53D +o FinD 0Ut Why, Ph0r THe 5C4Rle+S.

uh-huH, 5@1d THe MUrLOC.

i gl4ncEd 4rOuND. $0M3 PeoPlE 5AY j00 kW1+, 1 54Id RU88in9 tHe br1$+L35 0N ThE b4CK oph My n3CK, anD 50me Pe0PL3 +hInK TH4+ +hE lAW F1RED J00 0R $0M3tHIN9.

F4N9 l4u9HeD, 4nD 1+ W45 4n UnPL3@54nT, H@lf-bre4Thin9, h4lPH-hI55In9 50Rt of N0isE. 1F teH L4W No L0N93r h@d N33D Of mY 5Erv1CE5, I W0ULDN+ 8E heRE, he 541D. Id b3 dE4d. th3 5N@k3 5L1+h3rEd Up @Nd CURLED 1+5eLF 4RouNd t3h muRLOCS 4Rm. 1 $W4lL0w3d.

wH1CH, 1NciD3N+4LLY, I5 wHy 1 C4LLEd j00 h3r3, H3 c0n+iNu3D kW1e+ly. 1 NE3D YouR HeLP.

1 C0CK3d My H3@D, PHROWN1nG. h4DnT j0N4Than +R3n+ H4D M3 53nT h3RE? @ND hEd m4d3 1+ 50und l1Ke 1D 833N h15 Cho1Ce. you n3ED my HElp? I $@id $+UPidLy.

well, @C+u4Lly, 4nD ThE muRL0c L3@n3D f0RW4Rd, nE3d mi9H+ B3 A BI+ 5+RONG oF 4 wORD. pHor N0W LetS $4y Th4t w3 W0uld GR34tlY 4pPReCi4+3 1+. H3 bl1nKED, Tr4N5lucent m3MBr4NEs sl1DIN9 IN SId3W@y$ FROm tH3 C0rNeR5 oF H15 red 3Ye5. 1 $HiveRed 1NvoLun+@riLY.

WHO$ w3? 1 $@1D br4$HLY. +hE L@W?

F@nG HI55-L4U9H3D 4G@1N, 4nD 4 CH1Ll Went uP my +h1CK $p1Ne. n1CE trY, K1d. 1 KNoW y0u, bU+ 1 D0N+ NEce5$4RiLY Tru5+ j00 yE+.

1 51gH3D. wH4+ D0 j00 N33D MY HeLP W1+h, +h3n?

wElL, PHOR n0w, hE r3pl13D 1n H1$ Hi$5Y, R@$pY Vo1c3, 1 ne3D j00 +O heLP tHE RUM0RS 0PH My d15@pp34R4NC3 83coMe th3 RumOR5 0Ph my deA+h.

y0UR D34TH? I s@1D. 1 p4U53d. HOw?

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And D0n+ w0RRy 480uT 93++INg 1n +rOU8l3 w1+h THE r3$URREcTI0N. J00 w0N+ 8e w1+h tH3M mUCh l0nG3r.

I re4ch3D 4R0uND bEhiNd m3 PhOr the d00rKN08.

onE moRE Th1ng, @DD3D pH4ng, H1$ $l1t N05tRIL5 PHL@rIn9. M4kE Pe4CE Wi+h Y0uR Fr13nd5 4ND aLLiE$. 455UMInG +Hat all g0e$ +0 pl4N, Y0uLl b3 l34ving +H3 c1TY 500N. i H4v3 n0 RE4$On tO 8eLI3VE +H4t tH3 Task$ I W1lL b3 45k1nG 0F J00 w1LL 83 MOr+@lLy D4N93r0U5, 8U+ 1 C3R+41NLY h@v3 no r34sON +o 83LieV3 +ha+ +H3Y WoN+ 83. h3 mo+I0n3D ME 0u+ 0pH tEh r00M, 4nD I +uRnEd kw1CKly tO Le4ve. d0N+ c0me 8@Ck HeRe, h3 5@1d by wAy OPH pH4Rewell. W3 W1ll c0n+@C+ Y0u.
~Man is felled by his own design~

Samej Arkanus-Poet, Scholar, Archmage
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 12:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think my mind just imploded. Shocked
Evil is the new love.

I never nuked anything that didn't stop being an immediate problem.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 6:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

oh cool! Mr. Green
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 5:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2007 10:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

i was previously unable to read this thing you call engl;ish, finally a translation in my language!!!!
Only two things are infinite. The universe, and human stupidity. And I'm not so sure about the universe.
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