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An Introduction,

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 8:17 am    Post subject: An Introduction, Reply with quote

This was originally an introduction to my girlfriends and my own character for Role Play, however several guildies say it's a good read, please note I'm stuck a bit on where to go next so suggestions would help, May not be the murlock but I hope it helps with the cravings

Erlkonig awoke, rolling over to see Jaelithe still sound asleep next to him, he thought back to the days before he left Danarsuss. Jaelithe was a childhood friend, they had know each other for what seemed like ages, then again maybe it was ages. So much time had passed Erlkonig remembered only bits and pieces, and what he did remember often blurred together.

Jaelithe, he remembered, was a mischievous child, always following him around, wanting his attention. At first Erlkonig didn't like this, his first recollection of Jaelithe, she was merely half his age. She seemed like a pest back then he thought to himself. he remembered one time when she blocked his way to classes, another when she shadowmelded outside his window, and threatened to let out his secrets if his wasn't nice to her. He chuckled as he thought the person now lying beside him was once just a little girl to him. How he had wondered why she acted the way she did, why she teased him, why she followed him. It would be several years and a long journey later that he would find out. Five Years ago, he thought it was the day he left, a day that would change his life, forever.

Erlkonig was fustrated those days, not old enough to be respected, but no longer a child. He strived to prove himself only to fall short. He had gained much knowledge about the world around him. He learned the ways of the cat and those of the bear. He even learned those of the cheetah and the seal. However his sharp tongue and witty puns often conflicted with the more proper views of the elders. He remembered it like it was yesterday, the way they used to jeer at him for not being respectable, and that he would not survive in the real world.

Erlkonig still wondered what had happen that night he had tried to keep it a secret, carefully preparing, In fact he had done so well that he though no one had found out. He finished packing his backpack and headed to the out skirts of the city. When he heard a twig snap on the ground. It startled him, his body involuntarily turned toward it, shifting automatically into the form of a bear. “Leaving without saying good-bye” a voice said. Shifting back Erlkonig replied, “Jaelithe, I should have known.” Glaring at her he asked “and, what brings you out this late?” the sarcasm dripping from his lips.

“You, of course” she smirked, “ what?” she paused, “did you think I was going to let you leave without a proper good-bye”

“Well, I was hoping to leave in peace” he spat

“I didn’t say I was going to stop you” She replied

“Well then, Jaelithe Farewell” he shrugged

“Farwell,” she said almost in shock “Farewell, that’s all you have to say?” as she turned and ran off. Erlkonig thought he might have heard some sobs and something that sounded like “Erlkonig, I hate you.” His heart sank slightly, but he knew if he went after her his plans would be ruined. So he left without a word. To this day he regrets that night he made her cry, but maybe it was the best for both of them.

Erlkonig changed to his aquatic form and left from the shores of Rut’Theran Village heading toward Aubrindine. It would be a few years before he again set foot on Teldrassil, Still confused and some what angered by his encounter with Jaelithe, he speed off out into the deep sea, to his final destination still unclear, he wanted to go to both Ironforge and Storrmwind but he was unclear on how to get there, he had also heard of a group called the Horde that were making trouble for the night elves and other members of the Alliance. At that time he did not know who they were. Chuckled at his naïve nature at that time, as it wouldn’t be long before he found out who the Horde were.

That night he had stowed away on the ship from Aubridine. The next morning he was to arrivedat Menethil Harbor, a bustling port town. It was his first time he headed to these lands, and he thought that it his heart was pounding as they entered the port. In his excitement he thought his chest would burst. However it wasn’t his heart pounding, it was the firing of human canons that he had only heard of. He had wondered briefly why they were firing. He shook his head as he remembered the large rock that crashed down through the main deck of the ship. The hole so large that the ship sank in what seemed like seconds, Erlkonig was thankful for his aquatic form at this point. He quickly shifted as the ship went down, realizing others were not so lucky he help a Dwarf woman and her two children back ashore amidst the chaos. Once on shore he spotted, what he thought were humans attacking the port, they had a pale look he thought. Then he realize that they had bones sticking out. “For Iron Forge” yelled a dwarf Paladin as these bodies stormed toward him. Erlkonig quickly changed to bear form and joined the battle, shattering the undead bodies with his large paws. The battle raged on for what seemed like a day but alas it ended.

Erlkonig sat down quietly and started to tend to his wounds, his healing was not great but it worked well enough when he needed it. Erlkonig lost him self in his work so much he didn’t see the dwarf paladin make his way over. “ I wut like to tank-you, fer yer support ou’dere” the dwarf said.

“Thank you, kind sir” Erlkonig replied

“Nay Sir, It’s is I’s that shoul’ be tanking ya, nots only didya aid me in de battle but, ya also saved ma family” the dwarf said humbly, “let ma ‘elp ya wit yer ‘ealing” the Dwarf said as he laid his hands on Erlkonig and chanted.

“Kind sir, I thank you, feel much better now, and I am glad to help you and your family”
Erlkonig replied. “ My name is Erlkonig, a druid from Darnasuss.”

“Aye, I ben ‘earing off yer kind et’s nice to ‘ave ya ‘ere” the Dwarf said “ I am Remus Ironfis’, cap’ain of the guard ‘ere. And yer welcome ‘ere as long as ya likes. In fac’ le’ me introduce ya.

Erlkonig remembered those days, with Remus. The dwarf was the one responsible for teaching Erlkonig enchanting. To this day Erlkonig strives to be the enchanter that Remus was. Erlkonig never thought he would find a place in the world so quickly.
The next few years raced by, the years kind of blurry in his mind from all the fighting. The next clear recollection he has was the day that he again ran into Jaelithe. His heart jumped at this thought his body reacting the same way.

“Honey, you ok?” Jaelithe asked as she rolled over.

“Yes, Sweetie I didn’t mean to wake you” Erlkonig replied “I was just remembering the past”

“Honey” she said crossly “what have I told you about that?” Erlkonig knew she was being sarcastic. Their back and forth sarcasm was a token of their relationship.

“Well, honey would you rather I have forgotten you?” he came back

She smiled sweetly and came closer kissing him, “you’d never forget me and you know it.”

“How could I after you almost made a scene when I left, and certainly caused one to get me back” Erlkonig taunted.

“Well you just didn’t realize how much I liked you back then” she said crossing her arms in front of her.

“Yeah, your right, but you weren’t exactly forthcoming with your feelings” he jabbed back.

“Well you’re the one who left” she huffed

“Well you dragged me back here” he snipped

“Well if I hadn’t, Darnasuss would not be what it is today.”

“Yes, I know” he paused, “its funny what happens when you go away”

“Yeah I know, I remember those years all too clearly” Jaelithe said as she snuggled up to Erlkonig. “Those years were all too lonely” she sighed. “After you left I didn’t know what to do. You had broken my heart and seemed not to care about it. After that it seemed only the shadows were my friends” she started to cry

Erlkonig put his arms around her and held her, whispering in her ear, “I’m sorry I didn’t know back then”

Jaelithe spoke between her tears, “It’s ok, I know that you didn’t do it to be mean now. It’s just that when my parents died, I was just a little girl. You were the only one that I ever felt comfortable with, able to be myself. You were my life back then. After you left, I felt so unloved and alone. The shadows became my dwelling place as I removed my self from society. I even mastered being able to sneak around town, even in the bright of day. I would often take long walks in the wood picking the peacebloom flowers. That was until Sylvanna Forestmoon, caught me. I guess picking her herbs was a bad thing. She taught me was plants where herbs and what potions could be made from them. She was the only person that ever showed me any compassion, but love it was not simply a business arrangement. Those were lonely times wondering around the forest picking herbs for Sylvanna.”

“Lonely and dangerous, Sylvanna didn’t pay me enough for picking her herb or making her pots, so I was forced to pickpocket in town. A few times it got me caught and nearly cost me dearly, however I got skilled with my trusty blades here. There were even a few times I had to kill some one, not something I liked doing but did none the less. The longer you were gone the darker I became, clinging to the realm of the shadows does that to ones soul, you were the one light I held onto. That light became an energy inside of me, as both a gift and a curse. Your light gave me power and hope, but the darkness fed on it.
There were times when I would just wish I could find you again and other times I prayed for your return and hoped it wouldn’t be in a box.” Jaelithe paused.”

“Then there came that day, the Orcs and trolls were attacking Aubridine, and the Undead were about to come re-enforce them. I barely snuck on the last goblin cargo ship out. I didn’t know where I was going alls I knew is we needed help. We got half way out of bay when we saw a Orcish battle ship, the next thing I know we were under attack, The last thing I remember is that the goblin captain thought we had made a clear break in the open water, when, wham a canon ball exploded on the main deck. I’m sorry but that the last thing I remember until you.” Jaelithe started at Erlkonig.

“Yes you were lucky, My Patrol was out a little further in the waters that day. When we heard the explosion and headed toward the smoke. The Orcish ship had left before we got there, but there were only a few survivors, amongst them was you.” Erlkonig said.

“I didn’t even recognize you at first.” he continued, “You had grown into quite a woman by then, only a scarce trace of the little girl I once knew. But once we had dried you off in sick bay there was just something about you, I couldn’t put my finger on it then. It’s wasn’t until you woke up 2 days later that I finally realized who you were. Oh course you recognized me immediately. I’m sure my face went pale when I first heard you speak”

“Yeah” Jealithe chuckled “I thought you had sea sickness for a moment”

“Well I thought a ghost from my past was haunting me” he chuckled “and it seems I was right”

“Hey now”

“Well what did you expect, Jae?” he said “I hadn’t seen you in years, and boy had you changed. The pudgy little girl that I had left behind was and still is a very attractive young lady. I was in shock”

“Yeah, I noticed” Jealithe taunted “The fact that you tripped over your words for the next few minutes didn’t slip by me”

“Yeah, well” Erlkonig blushed “I really wasn’t expecting the pretty Night elf girl we brought on board to be you.”

“Why’s that” Jealithe snapped “You didn’t think I was pretty before.”

“Hey now, that’s not what I said” Erlkonig fired back “You had changed quite a bit, I already stated that”

“Yeah, I guess I had” Jealithe sighed “I had hoped that you recognized me earlier”

“Sorry baby, but I was more concerned about tending your wounds then your identity”

“Hmm, never had you for the strong sensitive type” Jealithe poked

Erlkonig laughed at her “Well it seems we have both found out a lot about each other sense then.”
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 12:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

it is preaty good but it kinda just leaves you hanging there it wuld be great if you wrote more.
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