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The Journey of My Life

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 7:30 pm    Post subject: The Journey of My Life Reply with quote

Alright, I decided that I guess I should post my story in other places besides my guild website. It's or short read really, but I hope it entertains the bored. By the way, I came up with this story a while back during childrens week back in May, but never came around to writing it till August. Just so you know what it would generally be about.

Chapter I

Lately, Stormwind is becoming more and more busy. I'm not quite sure of what is going on and the headmaster wont tell us. The only thing he said was that it would make us all happy. So if he said it would make us happy, i knew we would want to look forward to it. Then around the beginning of May, more of the orphans started getting adopted by people of all races and jobs. It was funny when the gnomes came to adopt one of us. They're so short that even some of us were taller than them. But then one day a tall night elf came, boy was he tall. So he started to look around and then he glanced at me and muttered something to the headmaster. I couldn't make out of what he said, he was too far away.

Then the night elf walked over to me and asked, "What is your name son?"

Bewildered at why he would want to know my name I simply replied, "It's Uthis mister."

He then smiled at me and said, "Alright Uthis, my name is Gandelle, I am going to take you on a journey you could never imagine."

When he said that, my heart skipped. Was I really hearing this? Is this a dream? I had always dreamed of leaving Stormwind, seeing the outside world, but the headmaster wouldn't even let us go to the Deeprun Tram over in the Dwarven District. I was so excited to where this night elf named Gandelle would take me. "Well then where are we gonna' go?"

His simple answer was, "Wherever you want to go."

By the time he said that, I already had a huge smile on my face. 'Wherever I want to go.' Now that's something you would only think of hearing in a dream.

"So where do you want to go Uthis?"

The only thing I could think of at the moment was over in the Trade District in front of the bank. There was a man that was selling ice cream there and he had really good ice cream. The headmaster took us there one time and bought us ice cream. "Well, I think getting some ice cream sounds good, there is a man selling some out in front of the bank in the Trade District."

"So then lets go get some ice cream."

We walked to the man who was selling ice cream and Gandelle bought me some and for himself. We finished our ice cream on a walk to the Park and then went back to the Trade District.

"Well, where do you want to go now? Remember, just think of a place and we'll go there."

I remembered a ghost story one of my friends used to tell me when we were up at night about a ghost by the lighthouse in Westfall he read about from a book. "I heard about a ghost being out by the lighthouse in Westfall and I want to see if it's true."

"Then Westfall it is." We walked to the Gryphon Master and Gandelle asked me, "Have you ever rode a Gryphon before?"

I simply replied, "No, I'm afraid not." I remember reading one of the books in the library about the Gryphons of Aerie Peak and how the dwarves found and raised them and had them as helpful companions throughout the years.

"Well everyone starts somewhere, when we get on, just grab a hold of me and don't let go until we land ok?" I nodded and we hopped on one of the Gryphons.

The Gryphon Master said trust the elf's words and I'll be fine. So i didn't doubt anything he said and grabbed a hold of him. We took off with a sudden jolt that shook me. I wasn't ready for that one. But after a little while the ride wasn't so bad. The view we had from up here was amazing, the sun was somewhat just over the Great Sea and the breeze felt good. We soon landed in a town called Sentinel Hill and began walking west towards the ocean. You could hear the waves from the town and I thought it wouldn't be too far then.

After a little while of walking we began to see a camp up ahead. I couldn't make out what was in the camp but as soon as it came into sight, we stopped. "Why did we stop?"

"That camp up ahead is a camp full of Defias Bandits. I need you to stay here and don't get any closer to the camp, I will be right back."

And with that, he began walking towards the camp. When camp about 50 yards from the camp the bandits finally noticed him and I heard a shout come from one of them saying, "What do you want elf! We have no business with you!"

Another one said, "Yea, better step away before you get hurt."

Gandelle calmly replied, "I wish of you no harm, for I only wish to pass through here."

The bandit that spoke first then said, "Hah! No elf is gonna' just walk through our territory!"

And then the bandits started to charge at him. I was scared at this point and was hoping Gandelle would just run away. But instead he just leaned his head down and then all of a sudden roots erected from the ground and started to entangle one of the bandits. The bandit was crying for help and two other bandits tried to cut the vines loose with their swords but couldn't seem to cut it. The one other bandit still charged at Gandelle and he simply dodged the bandits stab attempt and just conked him over the head with his staff, knocking him out cold. The other bandits looked at there KO-ed friend and ran away in fear. The bandit entangled begged for mercy and for freedom. Gandelle then just let him go and he ran off.

I ran up to him trampling over the unconscious bandit and said, "Wow! How did you do that!"

"With many years of training and work."

I was too amazed to respond. So we then passed through the camp and the bandits were long gone. We soon reached the ocean and I could see the lighthouse. "Look there it is!"

We walked along a peer that took us to the lighthouse and at first there was nothing. Then we heard someone say with a raspy faint voice, "Arrr, who be here at me troubled lighthouse? I will find ways to disturb you then you could ever imagine, Arrrr." Then this one-eyed, balding ghost came out from the lighthouse wall.

"Whoah! Look, a ghost pirate!" Was all I could manage to say.

"Arrr, I be dead alright, dead as me ol' mother-in-law after I 'touched up' her soup, Arrr."

"Alright, now he's just beginning to creep me out, and it's getting dark too, we should head back to the inn in Sentinel Hill."

"Yes, that sounds like a good idea." Gandelle reached into his backpack and pulled out this strange looking stone.

"What's that?"

"A hearthstone. If you talk to an Innkeeper, they have it magically linked to their inn and you can teleport back there if you get tired."

"Ohh, thats cool!"

"Alright, hold on to me." I grabbed onto Gandelle and he began focusing on the hearthstone. The stone started turning green and then the next thing I know, we're in the inn at Sentinel Hill. "Ok Uthis, you need to get some rest, we're going to be leaving tomorrow morning and you don't want to be traveling tired." So I just nodded and jumped into one of the open beds there, making sure not to get one by the huge gaping hole in the roof on the other side of the inn. I didn't feel like waking up with bird droppings on me.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 7:32 pm    Post subject: Chapter 2 Reply with quote

Chapter 2 of the story. and I'll think about registering here sometime.

Chapter 2

I woke up that morning to a furry little critter on my chest. At first I was kinda startled until I noticed it was just a cat. Then I noticed that it was raining and the area under the hole in the roof was soaking wet, I guess it was a good thing I didn't sleep under there. I then turned back to the little cat laying on me and purring and began to pet him.

"I see you have met Cisco," came a voice from around the corner. "it seems that he likes you."

"Good morning Gandelle," I said with a slight yawn seeping out. "what's planned for today?"

"Well that's a question you will have to answer yourself."

"Well, if you say so..." I sat there for a moment to think about something that I wanted to see and then I thought about that one huge dam that Bo was talking about a while back at the orphanage. "Ok, I think I know something, how about we go see that really big dam over in Loch Modan."

"Ok, that sounds like a good idea, I haven't been there in a long time myself." After he said that he let out a short but high pitched whistle that made Cisco get up, stretch out, and hop off of me and run into this cage that Gandelle had in his hands. Once Cisco was in the cage, Gandelle shut it and put it in his backpack. "Alright, now it looks like the weather wont be too good today so do you feel like going there today?"

"Sure, a little rain doesn't hurt anything."

"Then we must get moving, get your stuff ready within 10 minutes, we need to head back to Stormwind."

I got up and stretched out and grabbed my stuff on the side of the bed. I quickly changed clothes and walked outside and found myself completely soaked. Through all the rain I ran up to Gandelle who was standing under a tent by the Gryphon Master here and saw that he was packing and covering some things in his backpack. "So, I have the feeling we are going to take another Gryphon ride."

"Well yes, we are, but the ride won't be as enjoyable as last time."


"Gryphons happen to hate rain."

I looked at the gryphons and noticed them not looking so active as they were yesterday at Stormwind.

Then a man walked up to us and said, "Well, I don't think any of my gryphons are going to fly in this rain. It's just too heavy to fly in."

That worried me, I know I didn't want to walk all the way to Stormwind in this rain. So I looked at Gandelle and he just sort of frowned. "So what are we going to do now?"

Gandelle stood there for a moment thinking, then he just slightly smacked his forehead like he just remembered something. "I almost forgot, we could always take my frostsaber."

At first I had no clue to what Gandelle was talking about then I remembered that frostsabers are huge cats that Night Elves ride. "You mean you have one?"

"Of course I do, I don't know where I would be without it."

That made me somewhat excited, because I have never seen or rode a frostaber before. "So are we gonna ride it to Stormwind?"

"Well, I don't see any other option we have, so yes." Gandelle walked over to the stable master in front of the inn and just talked to him for a few minutes. Finally, the stable master pointed behind the inn somewhere and Gandelle walked to wards it, then disappeared behind the inn. When he came back out, he was riding this huge white striped saber. The sight of it made me aw-struck. "Ok, we're set, grab my backpack and let's go." I turned around and grabbed the bag, turned back and then handed it to him. He nodded and said thanks and offered me his hand up onto the frostsaber. I took his hand and looked at the side of the frostsaber and saw the footstep from the saddle and attempted to reach my foot up and shove it in there. I managed to get it in there and pulled myself up using Gandelle's hand. I sat down on the frostsaber and felt the power of the beast already. "You ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be." We took off. Not just at the normal take off you think of, more like a massive jolt that makes you think you just got shot out of a cannon just going straight forward. I was so amazed at how fast the frostsaber was going I almost lost my grip, but luckily I snapped back into reality before I fell off. The ride was pretty short, at least it seemed like it was short, but I was able to catch a few glimpses of some wolves trying to find food in the rain and I saw that we passed through Goldshire when we we're traveling, I didn't see too much though, the rain was too heavy and visibility was pretty low. After about what seemed like 5 minutes, we we're at Stormwind once again. I quickly gazed at the towering statues of the fallen heroes through the rain. Then I saw General Marcus, just standing there like always, greeting people who go in and out of Stormwind. We still remained on the frostsaber throughout the entire ride throughout Stormwind until we reached the Dwarven District. We got off the frostsaber and Gandelle told me to wait right here, and so I nodded, I looked around for a place out of the rain and ran under it, Gandelle walked off with the frostsaber, supposedly to find a stable master to put him at. After a few short minutes, he came back.

"Alright, we're going to have to take the tram to Ironforge and then walk east through Dun Morogh until we reach Loch Modan." I nodded then we started walking to the entrance to the tram. When we entered the tram I saw the same old things that I normally saw from the entrance from the Dwarven District. The tram cars coming in and out of the station people going on and off of them. But what i never considered taking note to was how fast the tram cars went, they just go instantly to it's next destination. There was one thing that was cooler than how fast the trams went, and that was this gigantic beast that was swimming in this huge aquarium inside the tunnel. Gandelle looked at me while I was gazing in awe at the lumbering beast and said, "I like to call her Nessy."

"Nessy huh? I think they need to call her 'Monster-Who-Eats-All'." The travel time between Stormwind and Ironforge was amazingly short, but I wasn't that surprised about that considering the speed of the tram. I nodded slightly to myself for the gnomes who built this place. When we exited the tram, I looked at the somewhat small hall that we were in. I knew that it was Tinker Town due to all of the gadgets being around the place and I had the chance to take a quick glance at the king of the gnomes before we took off on Gandelle's frostsaber. There wasn't really too much special about the travel between Ironforge and it's gates, just a bunch of hot coals and a boat load of people at the Auction House. The trip from Dun Morogh to Loch Modan was uneventful as well, just a few rabbits getting gobbled up by wolves and bears searching for food.

After we passed Northwatch Point, I noticed that the weather changed dramatically. It went from blistering cold to nice decent weather. I found it pretty hard to believe but I wasn't complaining, my face was pretty numb from the freezing cold. We were riding till we could see the dam just up ahead until we heard, "Help! Help! Please! Someone help me!"

Gandelle's ears perked to wards the direction from where it came from and charged his great mount to wards it. We saw a short human with black hair put up into a pony-tail being attacked by three kobolds. Gandelle quickly jumped off of the frostsaber and started running to wards the man to aid him. This guy was really good at dodging cause three kobolds wouldn't be easy to dodge all at once. Gandelle yelled out, "Hold on! I'm coming!" as he was running to wards him. When he got within what seemed like a 30 yard range of one of the kobolds, he stopped and started to focus. He put his hands together and started chanting something, (I was too far away to hear anything) then this bright green pure looking energy came from between his hands and then he thingyed them back and shot it to wards the kobold. The kobold looked at the bright glowing green ball of light with a strange look on his face, until it hit him. The kobold screaming out in pain and dropped dead right on the ground. The short man was doing good dodging until we heard him curse really loud. He fell back on his back with the two other kobolds closing in on him. Gandelle started charging to wards the kobolds who were ready to finish the job. Gandelle then suddenly turned into smoke. I was puzzled at what had just happened until he emerged as a fierce looking bear with odd looking symbols on his shoulders. Gandelle ran in roaring at the kobolds who were now struck with too much fright to even move. He lept into the and came down on one of them and then made one huge gash across the chest of the other, dropping it to the ground. Gandelle was about to finish off the last one until the man he rescued said, "Hold on, this one is mine..." He took both his daggers out and lifted them high above the kobold.

The kobold screamed and said, "No! You no hurt me! Please!"

The short pony-tailed man said, "You cut off some of my hair... NO ONE cuts MY hair!" and with that, he stabbed the kobold, which let out a deafening scream. The man sighed and turned to Gandelle. "Thanks man, I would have been dead if you didn't show up."

"No problem, no one deserves to die against those barbaric creatures."

"Well, my names Lukas and I'm solely in debt to you for saving me. I know I learned today that trying to pick pocket from kobolds who stick together is a bad idea."

"My name is Gandelle and I was just bringing my little pal over there to see the Stonewrought Dam, and we happened to run into you." He looked at his shoulder and noticed this deep looking cut in him. "You might want to fix that shoulder up. Here, I can do that for you." Gandelle held his hands over his wound and chanted a soft tune. Then a burst of green light brushed over the cut and sealed it up instantly.

"Wow, it feels like new! Ok, I'll tell you what, how about I join you in exchange for you saving me. Deal?"

"Well that's not really necessary but more help is always welcome."

"Oh, thats just great! I've always wanted to go around the world but, unfortunately I have only lived here and Stormwind."

"Now the world is yours to see Lukas, this journey will be nothing like you have ever imagined."
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 7:34 pm    Post subject: Chapter 3 Reply with quote

Chapter 3 of the story... bare with me now...

Chapter 3

After we saved Lukas from those kobolds, we headed to the dam, which wasn't too far away from where we saved him. When we reached the dam, the first thing I wanted to do was look over the edge, and see how far the wall of the great and mighty Stonewrought Dam goes until it hit water. When I did look over that edge, it made me feel like I was so high in the sky that I thought I was on a cloud or something. Gandelle told me to not lean too far from the edge of the dam's railings, which I took into consideration after seeing the would be lengthy drop. "Gandelle, do you ever wonder how they did build this dam?"

His simple reply was, "The dwarves skill in building structures is a wonder itself." What he said made me think, about Ironforge and all those in-ground houses they have, and noticed how amazing it actually is. "Well, we have finally hit this dam after that long trip, now where to Uthis?"

I just sat there to think, somewhat lost on where I would want to go. Then I noticed in back of us was a mage and she had a group of friends, supposedly to look at the dam too, and then waved her hands around with a rune in her hand and opened up a portal to Stormwind. Then it suddenly hit me, Jaina Proudmoore! The Alliance's best Archmage, a very powerful sorceress. The single thought of meeting her made me smile. "Jaina Proudmoore! I want to meet Jaina Proudmoore. And if I could, maybe even get her autograph, to show everyone back at the orphanage."

"Alright, so it's settled, we're going to Theramore."

Lukas looked about just as excited as I was. "You mean THE Jaina Proudmoore? We're going to see her! I never imagined being able to ever see her with my own two eyes! So when do we leave to go there?"

Gandelle looked somewhat amazed by Lukas's out burst of excitement. "Well, as you can tell, it seems to be getting a little bit dark so we can either camp on the way to Menethil or head back to Thelsamar and sleep there. It's your choice Uthis."

I thought about it and noticed how badly I wanted to see Jaina. "Let's head to Menethil now."

"Ok, we're off to Menethil." We walked off of the dam and started traveling west to get back on the road. When we got back on the road, we turned and headed north to the Wetlands. Gandelle said to keep an eye out in that area, because there are some bad orcs that won't hesitate to attack anyone, but for some reason, that got me excited, seeing what Gandelle could do back there with the kobolds made me want to see more. We eventually reached a very long tunnel, leading down wards into what I knew was the Wetlands. We continued to followed the path, curving and still going down until we stopped.

"Why did we stop?" I asked. Gandelle put his fingers to his lips and pulled me to the side behind a thin pillar attached to the wall of the tunnel. Then looked to Lukas and pointed ahead of us, Lukas nodded and began walking slowly to wards the exit. I closed my eyes and listened closely and realized why Gandelle pulled me to the side, I could hear grunting noises that came from the exit. Gandelle let go of me and told me to stay here, so I nodded. He walked slowly to wards the exit where Lukas was along with the grunting noises.

I peered around the pillar slightly to see what they were going to do and saw two orcs beating on a ram. Poor ram. Then I saw Gandelle and Lukas both backs against the side of the pillars looking around them, sighting their targets. Gandelle pointed at what seemed like one of the orcs and Lukas nodded. Lukas then reached into one of his pouches on his side and pulled out this small ball. He then took careful aim and chucked the ball behind the orcs. I thought I heard a 'Huh?' kind of grunt coming from the orcs but I think it was my imagination. Then Gandelle and Lukas ran in and before the orcs turned around to realize they were being attacked, they got completely knocked out by Gandelle and Lukas. I quietly said to myself, "K.O." as they fell to the ground. Gandelle looked back at me and waved to come over. I ran to wards the two victors and congratulated them on their swift knock out maneuver. They both thanked me but Gandelle had a more serious look on his face then what I liked. "Gandelle, you just knocked these guys out clean, whats with the serious look?"

"These ones were just scouts, and when they wake up, the first place they are going is to there leader."

Lukas then gained the same serious looking face and nodded. "He's right, tonight we're going to have to be on the look out for these guys, or we might end up in their stew for breakfast."

I then noticed why we had to try and watch out for these orcs. Becoming Uthis Stew just didn't sound that appealing to me. "But we will still make it out of here alive right?"

Gandelle then smiled and said, "Of course, you have to remember who you got protecting you. I promise that your not going to get scratched." He then ruffled my hair around a little bit and told us to keep moving on. We continued down another tunnel until we reached a muggy looking area. The ground felt all muddy and kind of sank in with every step I took. Yuk. We followed the road north for about an hour until we felt that it was too dark to keep going. Gandelle pulled out some flint and tinder and asked Lukas to look around for dry pieces of wood. Lukas just nodded and wandered off looking at the ground constantly. Gandelle looked at me and asked, "So Uthis, what do you plan on being when you grow up?"

Gandelle caught me off guard with that one. Where did this come from? "Well... I'm really not quite too sure. I mean, there just isn't anything I'm really good at."

"I know there is something, you just need time to realize it. Remember, it will come to you." He just left me there to think about that as he started unpacking some things from his pack.

Lukas got back with a good amount of sticks and twigs to get a fire going. Gandelle grabbed them and began setting up the sticks and sticking the tinder below the sticks and lighting it with the flint. The fire raised up and caught on to the dry sticks and our fire was born. Gandelle reached into his pack and pulled out some meat. He dug in his pack some more and pulled out a little kind of grill and set it up above the fire and threw the meat on it. After a little bit, he pulled it off and it was done. He gave me some and I ate it, Lukas had his own supply I suppose because he was munching on something that seemed like jerky. It was too dark to see. The fire illuminated the area around us well, but leaving the rest of the world outside the light a complete dark mystery. I began to hear crickets from the ponds across the Wetlands. I noticed how tired I was and layed down and shut my eyes.

I woke up from being nudged which made me just nudge back until I was nudged again. I opened my eyes and realized it was still dark. Why did they wake me up when it's still night? "Hey, why did yo-" I was cut off from Gandelle putting his hand to my mouth and putting his finger to his lips. I stopped and listened. There was rustling from all around us. I couldn't see a thing because the fire had died out and the only thing that showed up was the glow of Gandelle's yellow eyes. The rustling started to move in closer to us and Gandelle began to reach for his staff slowly. Lukas had his hands ready right on his daggers. The rustling seemed to keep getting closer and closer. Then finally it stopped.

Gandelle said one thing that made my heart race, "Run." We jumped up as we began to see a purple light behind us start to form and ran in the other direction. The rustling started after us. As we were running a flash of a purple ball flew right passed me and startled me. We continued running for what seemed like forever. The rustling never stopping, signaling we were never safe. Then the rustling finally stopped, and we stopped along with it, catching our breath back.

"What.. was... that..." I said while panting heavily and looking over my shoulder constantly.

"Dragonmaw Orcs. Remember those scouts we hit back at the tunnels? Well they woke up."

That worried me for a second, then I realized that who was here with me. I wasn't so worried anymore. "So what are we suppose to do now?"

"Well, the sun is just now grazing over the horizon so we should be able to see where we are soon." I looked over at the distance and saw a sliver of red appearing over the horizon. I looked over at Gandelle and began seeing his face out from the darkness, and then looked at Lukas and saw him too. Then I looked behind us to see if I could find and orcs. To the left of us we began hearing the rustling again, we glanced over to it and then we heard footsteps. They were loud and they were closing in fast. Gandelle grabbed his staff and unsheathed it and Lukas did the same. Whatever was coming, they were ready for it. But I wasn't quite too sure if I was. Everything was happening so fast, almost too fast to keep up with. But I snapped myself out of it before I went into paranoia and stood close to Gandelle and Lukas. The footsteps kept getting louder and louder and closer and closer. We all prepared for them to come, and then they hit. One shot out from directly in front of us, charging at full speed with it's axe high in the air ready to cleave our faces off. Gandelle just simply moved out of the way and jabbed his staff into the back of the brute's head. Now that looked like one bad concussion. Then one came out with a sword darting for Lukas, Lukas just raised his two daggers in the air and blocked the sword from the orc's vertical attack. Lukas swiftly broke the deadlock and spun around the orc, ending up right in back of him, then taking his two daggers and stabbing them right into both sides of the orc, dropping it to it's knees screaming in pain. He then removed them and made one last stab in the back of the neck of the orc, finishing it off completely. Then that purple light started to form in front of us. Gandelle shouted at me to get down. So I ducked down. I looked at the purple light forming and saw it transform into a skull. I could have sworn the skull looked and me and laughed, then it shot to wards me. I couldn't move out of the way of it, I was in too much of a shock. The skull came closer and closer but I just couldn't move, my legs failed to respond to me. Before the purple skull of doom hit me directly in the face, Gandelle shot the tip of his staff down in front of my face, blocking the shot. When the purple skull hit the staff, the staff just sucked it in, removing it like it never even existed. Then I saw the orc that shot it at me, and he looked just as shocked as I was. He dropped his twisted looking staff to try and run off, but Lukas stopped him from doing such a thing. He quickly reached into his back pouch pulling out a knife, and threw it to wards the fleeing orc. The knife stabbed right into the orcs spine, causing it to scream in pain and fall to the ground.

I sucked in the entire moment of everything and then cheered. "You did it! They won't be bothering us again now will they?"

Gandelle smiled and said, "Apparently not."

Lukas nodded and said, "No more trouble out of them."

We all looked a the sun, which was still just a sliver over the horizon and began walking to wards it. To wards Menethil Harbor.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 8:19 pm    Post subject: Chapter 4 Reply with quote

Thanks Cangjku, and here is Chapter 4 of the story.

Chapter 4

We continued walking to wards the west, closer to Menethil. We got back onto the road and followed it for a few hours. Everyone was pretty exhausted from the long run way back there and the orcs ambush. Too bad Gandelle didn't have his mount with him, otherwise this would have been a short trip. We walked until we came across something that looked like a fortess over the sunrise and the sea.

"Is that Menethil?" I asked.

"It seems to be." Gandelle replied.

"Good, 'cause my legs are killing me." Lukas said while rubbing his thighs.

We kept walking and the high-walled port kept getting closer and closer. When we reached Menethil, Gandelle said that we needed to get to the inn so we could get some food and rest. I don't think that Lukas and I wanted to argue with that so we nodded and headed for the inn.

Inside the inn was a man behind the back counter and a couple people all sitting at one of the tables and chatting amongst themselves. As we walked in, a few of them looked at us wierd and I shifted a little bit closer to Gandelle and Lukas. The guys at the table seemed to be sailors and they looked like they had a bit too much to drink. There was a waitress serving them drinks casually and I think I saw a butcher in the back cutting up some meat and puting it in the stove he had back there. The waitress came up to us after she saw us and greeted us.

"Hello, how may I help you today?" said the waitress asking politly.

"Just something to eat if that's not a problem." replied Gandelle.

"Oh, of course not, I'll tell the cook to get you guys our special. It's coyote steak with a side dish of small boiled clams."

Gandelle thanked her and she pointed to the table we had. It was on the opposite side of the room from the sailors and we were lucky to get the table by the nice warm fire. We sat down at the table and waited about five minutes until our food was served.

"There you boys go," said the waitress while serving our food to us. "I hope you enjoy your stay here."

We nodded towards her and began eating the food we were served. When I took my first bite out of the steak my eyes gleemed with joy as I quickly devoured the rest of it, then eating the boiled clams. I wanted to remind myself to tell the chef that he's good. "Well, it looks like we will have to see when the next boat is coming in." said Gandelle while finishing off the rest of his clams.

"A boat?" I asked excitedly, "Do you really mean a boat that we will ride to Theramore?"

"Well, how else are we gonna' get there?" replied Lukas while rubbing his stomach with satisfaction.

"Yes, we will need to take one of the boats that pass through here to Theramore." said Gandelle.

Gandelle signaled the waitress over to us while she was serving the sailors their drinks. "Yes, do you need something?"

"Yes m'am, we need to know the nearest time that the boat to Theramore will be arriving and leaving." replied Gandelle.

"Oh sure, it's bound to be here in about ten minutes." said the waitress.

Gandelle thanked her and handed her a tip of five silver and then we headed out the door. We walked towards the docks and waited at one of the piers for our boat. We waited for a couple of minutes until we could finally see the boat appear from over the horizon. The ship sailed at a decent pace and seemed to lazily make its way to the docks. When the boat came right up next to the pier, we walked onto it slowly. A voice came from one of the upper floors of the ship when we stepped on board. "Welcome on board my ship, the Arrowfin." We all glanced up towards where the voice came from to see who was making it. There was a man with a bright red coat unbuttoned with a visable white swashbucklers shirt underneath. He had an eye-patch covering his left eye and had short brown-ish hair, wearing blue pants with a black belt holding them up with a saber stuck through it. "I am captain Abjack Leeways, and I will be taking you to the great port-city of Theramore. And the only thing that I ask of you is the you follow my orders while on my ship."

We all nodded in approval towards the captain ready for our journey across the Great Sea. "Here, come inside here, and get yourselves set up, the trip won't exactly be short." A brawney man came out from around the doorway. He was wearing a red swashbucklers shirt that looked kind of small on him and had long black hair that went down to his shoulders. He had a massive scar going across his face starting from the top of his left eye and going down diagnally towards the bottom part of his right cheek.

The captain from above called, "That's my first mate, Isaac Klement. Treat him with the respect he deserves or you will regret ever setting foot on this boat."

Isaac rubbed the back of his head while blushing. Lukas looked up at captain Abjack and asked, "Are there any more people on your boat?"

Abjack shook his head, "Nah, just us two, I don't need no stinkin' crew when I got him around." Lukas shrugged and we walked into the room ahead of us inside the boat. It seemed to be some kind of living quaters because there was a bunch of hamacks set up along the walls. There were a few tables around the middle of the room. I could see what looked like the captains living quarters in the back but the door to it wasn't open too much. Captain Abjack walked down the stairs at the end of the room that seemed to lead up onto the upper deck. "Alright boys, we're gonna' be headin' out now, I'll just be needin' some fo your kind assistence." We agreed and followed him up the stair case that lead to the upper deck and stopped when we reached the steering wheel of the boat. The captain pointed to Gandelle and Lukas and told them to grab the rope off to the right and did the same to Isaac. They pulled on the rope hard and I turned around and saw the sail beginning to open up. When the rope was pulled far enough to where it couldn't go back any further, the sail was fully open. Just then, a gust of wind blew and caught the sail, pulling us with it. "Here we go boys! Off to Theramore!" shouted the captain.

"How long will the journey take us?" I asked the captain curiously.

"Oh, about, 3 hours, maybe, give or take." replied the captain.

"That will give us some resting time from that long journey to Menethil." said Gandelle while unpacking some of his things from his backpack.

We unloaded our packs by a couple of the hamacks and layed down on them. We talked amongst ourselves for at least an hour untill we heard the captain shouted from the top, "Hey mates, get up 'ere and check out whats commin'." We all went rushing up the stairs to see what the captain was talking about. When we reached the top next to the captain, we all became awestruck. On the horizon was a very large ship. It had a pitch black sail with a skull on it.

"Pirates..." I muttered while the ship inched its way closer to us.

"Prepare for combat mates, this looks like it might be a rough voyage." said the captain while holding on to the handle of his saber.

"Oh boy..." said Lukas in a low kind of voice. After we stared at the on-coming for a little bit longer, we dashed to the living quarters to get our gear ready. Lukas unpacked both of his daggers and began to poison them. Gandelle grabbed his staff and grabbed a few potions he had in his pack. I sat there dumbfounded on what I could do. Gandelle looked at me knowing my confusion and began to dig through one of his packs. He stopped and then tossed me a fairly heavy mace. I just sat there and stared at it wondering what I could possibly use it for and how I would use it.

"Self denfense." said Gandelle, as if he were answering my silent question. "If anyone of us can't reach you in time to help you, you might have to defend yourself." I nodded to him and began swinging it around a little bit, getting used to the weight. After a little while of preparing all our gear, we could see the ship's crew. They were loud and ugly looking pirates, probably willing to show no mercy to anyone. My heart started to beat with excitment but I was also scared. I looked at the people around me and began to be less scared. Lukas walked off into the shadows and began hiding to ambush one of the pirates that will be attacking us any minute soon. Gandelle began chanting a slow Darnassian prayer silently while the pirate ship neared closer. Isaac stretched out with his massive claymore he had holding with one hand. Captain Abjack just gave the even closer pirates a nasty glare, warning them to stay off his ship. The ship finally lowered its sail, slowing it down to sit right next to us. The pirates lowered a plank to connect the two boats together.

"Yarr, hand over all ye treasure on board ye ship or suffer the concicuenses!" yelled the pirate captain to us.

"Hah! Over me mother's fishing hook I will, the only thing you will be taking with ya is gonna' be your own body in a box!" replied the captain with a chuckle.

"Yarr, your mistake me laddie, now we get to pluder that ship of yours!" and while he said that, he waved his curved cutlass towards us, commanding his pirates to begin the attack.

Gandelle broke from his silent prayer and began weaving a magical green ball of light into his hands. After a breif moment, he lauched it towards the in-coming pirates, then followed by a scream of pain and a splash of water. Isaac readied his claymore, prepared to cut anything in two. When the first wave of pirates hit the ship, Isaav had already slain three of them. Others watching in terror as their comrades fell to this powerful man. When a pirate walked in front of the place Lukas was hiding, he spared no moment to take advantage of it and quickly stabbed him in the back. The pirate fell down in pain with the poisoned dagger sticking out of his back. Lukas reached down to grab it and said, "I'll be needing that back, thank you." Gandelle then hit a few more pirates with his bolts of wrath, dropping them into the water. I just stood there, watching in amazement as the others wiped the pirates out one by one.

The pirate captain became worried about how many of his men were being slain. He then began sending in more pirates from his ship. Isaac, Gandelle, and Lukas all took the pirates very well and held them off. But one of them slipped past the group of mighty heroes and came running towards me, with his sword raised high in his hand. I stood there in shock as he came closer and closer to me, but then I snapped out of it and raised my mace Gandelle gave me and blocked the vertical attack from the pirate. The pirate, somewhat shocked by the quick reaction made by me, then pulled it off and tried to go for a stab, but I noticed the movement and dodged out of the way before I was pierced. After I dodged the stab, I quickly slammed my mace on the top of his skull, dropping him to the ground. The pirate captain, furious with the amount of men that he was having slain, decided to go in himself. "All right you no good pirates, that's enough!" he yelled at his men who then stopped fighting and backed away from our ship. "I challenge your captain to a duel!"

Captain Abjack just laughed as he said that and replied, "Alrighty, I see what your gettin' at. I accept your challenge!" The group of pirates cleared way as their pirate captain made his way to our ship to duel our captain. The two met near the center of our boat and bowed to each other as other pirates along with us began to circle them. After about five seconds after they bowed to each other, they began to fling their blades at each other. Captain Abjack swinging his low and the pirate captain parrying it and striking near the torso. Blocking the parry, captain Abjack shot for a stab but was swept away by the pirate captain. The two clashed with each others blades for about ten minutes straight. Then when they had each other in a deadlock, captain Abjack pushed forward and flung the pirate captain's cutlass away, leaving his saber point towards is face. "I win, now get off my ship before I get rid of those legs of yours!" All of us cheered as the pirates misrably walked back to their ship and set sail. We had won the pirate raid. We all celebrated for a little bit until we head back on course towards Theramore. After about one hour and a half, we reached Theramore.

We docked up at one of the open piers and said our goodbyes to captain Abjack and Isaac and walked toward the mainland. "Wow, so this is Theramore." I said with a slight awe.

"Yeap, and that tower right up ahead has Jaina Proudmoore in it." replied Gandelle while pointing to a large tower up ahead. We walked around to get to the entrence of the tower and entered it. We walked up a long staircase to the very top of the tower. We looked around and then saw a women with brown hair sitting at a desk reading a book.

We began walking towards her and then she stopped reading and turned around to face us. "Can I help you gentlemen?" she asked us.

Gandelle spoke first, "Yes m'lady, my little orphan friend here wants your autograph. He would be very glad if you gave him one."

She smiled slightly and turned around and grabbed one of her books from a bookshelf. She turned around and walked up towards us and leaned down and handed me the book. "Here you go, and what may I ask your name is?"

"My name is Uthis m'am." I replied.

"Well Uthis, this is a very special book of mine that I know and love. Its a book about one of my great friends Uther. He was a great man and I know you will enjoy it. Here, take it with you, I have already memorized it and I think you should learn from it." Jaina then placed the book in my hands and then wrote her name across the inside of the front page. The title read, Uther, Protector of the Light. I thanked her greatly for it and then we all left the tower to go to the inn. To rest for the next day and what it will bring us.
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Well, I have to say, it's been fun writing this, but that doesn't mean I will stop writing. Expect more in the future. But without anything else to say, here is the 5th, and final, chapter of The Journey of My Life. (expect some spelling errors, the spell check isn't working at the moment, so I'll get to that later.)

Chapter 5

When we woke up the next morning, we all felt sore. The battle we had with the pirates left its sweet toll on us. When I tried to get up to move, my arms and legs shot pain through my body as I moved them. I glanced over at Gandelle and Lukas and saw them do the same thing. Gandelle had the idea for us needing to get some food, which I agreed with. So we walked downstairs to the dining area of the inn and sat down at one of the tables. The waitress come up to us and asked, "Hello, what can I get for you boys?"

Gandelle answered for us, "Whatever you are making for breakfast this morning ma'am."

The waitress just smiled and and told us the menu for breakfast here. We just nodded and waited for our breakfast to arrive. After about five minutes, the waitress returned with our food and Gandelle gave her a ten silver tip. We ate the food like we didn't eat for weeks. But amongst the face stuffing of food we talked with each other about things in our home. "Well, since my home was destroyed by the Burning Legion years ago, my new home is in Darnassus I guess," Gandelle said after a little bit of talk. "Darnassus has a very welcoming feeling to it, with the sight of pure nature around you. I just think of it as a good feeling, like feeling like you have a home."

We all nodded at that, then Lukas began his say, "Yea, my home has basicly been in Thelsamar the past couple of years. The people there treated me really nice so I decided to call it my new home. But before I moved there, I lived in Stormwind. As a child, I experienced the second war when it was reduced to mear rubble, losing my parents in the process..." Lukas dipped his head a little low after saying that but raised it right after. "After I lost my parents, I was forced to live in the orphanage, just like you Uthis. I carried out my teenage days there until I turned eight-teen, then I studied the ways of the shadows and stealth. I pretty much went on from there."

Shocked at the fact that Lukas was orphaned just like me, I pulled myself together and explained my story. "About four years ago when the scourge began to invade Lordaeron, I lived with my mom and dad up in Southshore. My father was a paladin working for the Silver Hand to fight the scourge. While my father was away, my mother stayed home with me to home-school me and take care of me. One day though, we recieved a letter in the mail from the resitance army. When my mother opened the envelope and began reading it, she began to burst out with tears. I asked her why she was crying and she told me that my father was killed by the Scourge. While she wept, I just stood there. I was too shocked to believe that my father had died. I was too shocked to even cry. My mother hugged me and sent me to my room for the rest of the night. Then next morning, I awakend by the screams of people. Shaken, I hurried to look out the window to see that the Scourge was attacking Southshore. I rushed downstairs to warn my mother, but only to find her being eaten up by two horrid looking ghouls. I stood still, unable to move or react. One of the ghouls saw me and nudged the other one, then they began moving closer to me, slowly. I still just stood there, unable to move, but then the town guard came running through the door and killed the two ghouls. They grabbed me and took me to the gryphon master there with the rest of the surviving families. We took the remaining gryphons to Ironforge and then flew to Stormwind. They put the children with no families in the orphanage and I spent the rest of the time there."

Both Gandelle and Lukas looked surprised of what I had been through. Gandelle then said, "Wow, I never knew that you had been through so much," I shrugged and continued eating. When we finsished our breakfast we went upstairs to grab our gear so we could head out again. When we finished doing that, we stepped outside to be greeted by the sunny noon weather. "So, where to next Uthis?" asked Gandelle as we walked forward.

"Hmm, I don't know. What is it like in Darnassus? Are the people nice and friendly there? I bet it would be a very interesting site to see a city on top of a giant tree." I responded.

"Ahh, I can manage to do that, lets go there now, shall we? Here, both of you grab on to my shoulders." replied Gandelle. Lukas and I both puzzled, we just shrugged and grabbed on to his shoulders. Well, I didný because I was to short so I just grabbed on to his cape. "Hold tight and don't let go." He then began chanting in a strange tounge and positioned his hands in awkward poses. His hands began to glow with a slight sky-blueish color. I could feel the power and balance of nature surround us as we began to get envoloped by the sky-blueish color. It felt as though we were lifted up off the ground, becoming as light as a feather, and then landing on the ground again. When the sky-blue color faded away, I saw that we weren't in Theramore anymore. I saw strange night-elven structures with Tauren and Night Elf wardens. I then noticed that this was the city of Nighthaven, home of the druids. As we walked towards the hippogryph master, I stared at all the Tauren wardens. The just seemed to tower over me and everything else. One of them just smiled and waved at me. I waved back while wondering if they ever eat steak. Then we reached the hippogryph master who was a tall female Night Elf standing next to a hippogryph laying in a bed layered with hay. "Hello again friend, I need a ride for two please, the little one is riding with me." Gandelle said to the Night Elf.

"Sure thing Gandelle, lets get you set up right now." replied the hippogyph master while signaling two hippogryphs over to us. We mounted the hippogryphs and were on our way, flying to Darnassus. While flying, we passed over a tiny valley, with a bunch of trolls, who were all dancing and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

"Hmm, they sure have stamina for partying. The last time I flew in this path was over a week ago and they were partying even then." Gandelle said at the sight of the dancing trolls. I chuckled when I heard that and the rest of the flight was uneventful. When we finally reached our stop, we stopped at this port looking village at the bottom of a massive tree. Gandelle called it Rut'theran Village. We walked along the path up to small hut type thing that was radiating with a slight glow. I didn't ask any questions because I knew I was going to find out anyways. We walked right into the glowing aura and we instantly teleported to the top of the tree, to Darnassus.

I stood amazed at the sight of the city on top of the giant tree. "Wow, this place is huge!" I replied while gazing around.

"Yea, it's a pretty nice place. I like it," said Gandelle. "So where would you like to go now Uthis?"

I searched all throughout my mind to find one thing that I would want to see, but the only thing that kept comming up was home. I felt that the journey was near its end as I began to feel home-sick. "I don't think I want to burden you guys any longer, and the only place I wanna' go right now, is home." was all I could say.

Gandelle smiled and said, "Yes, the best place to every person, is home. I understand Uthis, lets take you home. Come my friends, grab on to me once more." Gandelle reached into his backpack and pulled out a familiar object. He then grasped it and then green energy flowed through his hands. The very next second, I could hear the beating of anvils and voices of others. I looked around to see where we ended up then, and saw that we teleported to Stormwind. I looked around to see a lot of familiar faces. Friends from the orphanage and people who worked around town. I was home. Gandelle, Lukas, and I all walked to the Cathedral Square and to the orphanage.

At the front steps of the orphanage, I turned around to face Lukas and Gandelle. "Well, I guess this is it. This is where we part. Will I ever see you guys again?" I said to them, while swallowing my emotions.

"Of course you will Uthis, I'll make sure to write to you to keep in touch," replied Gandelle with a smile.

"Yea, I'll make sure to vist ya' when I'm done travelin' with this guy," said Lukas with a kind look on his face.

"Thank you so much guys, for everything. I don't know what else I can say," I said to the two.

Gandelle then walked up to me and kneeled down and looked me in the eyes and pulled out a small bag. "Here, this is for you, now don't show anyone else what is in this bag, or they might try to steal it."

I opened the bag slightly and saw gold pieces. My eyes lit up as I closed it and looked back at Gandelle, "Gold! Thank you so much! I'll make sure to save it and use it wisely."

Gandelle stood up and walked back to Lukas, "That's good, save it and put it in the bank. That will come in handy some day."

I nodded and waved goodbye to the two travelers as they walked off, wondering where they were headed next.



Uthis then spent most of his days at the Chapel of Light, becoming an Altar boy and studying the ways of the Paladin. He was tutored by many of the paladins working at the Chapel, all having them agree to Uthis being the best pupil. When he became of the right age, he spent the money Gandelle had given him for training to become a holy knight for the Silver Hand. Working hard for his fallen parents, he became a hero to the small people of town, always having justice be served. His deeds led him to recieve the look upon from royalty, and recieved a full payment towards all his training to become a mighty paladin. Gandelle did send him mail, at least once a month from his departure from his friend. Lukas did return one day to the orphanage, and saw how Uthis turned out. Uthis is presently stationed in the Plaugelands, awaiting orders from his king. Uthis, age 19, Holy Knight of the Silver Hand.
When the power of love overcomes the love for power will the world know peace.
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